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  • 2 Pro Movers & Truck / Free Regular Brand New Boxes with Full Packing Service / Free Shrink-Wrap / Free Tape

    $120 cash / $130 card /per hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / No Hidden Charges
  • 3 Pro Movers & Truck / Free Regular Brand New Boxes with Full Packing Service / Free Shrink-Wrap / Free Tape

    $170 cash / $180 card /per hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / No Hidden Charges
  • 4 Movers & Truck / Free Regular Brand New Boxes with Full Packing Service / Free Shrink-Wrap / Free Tape

    $220 cash / $230 card /per hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / No Hidden Charges

    /per hour

Moving to Stockton

A Moving Company In Stockton That Stands Out From The Competition

When it comes to moving and storage services in Stockton, Route 66 stands out over other companies.

We have the talent and the necessary equipment to provide each individual and corporate customer with a secure and efficient packing and delivery of their valuables. From start to finish we guarantee to handle your items with the utmost care!

When you choose Route 66 Moving & Storage, you are selecting reliability, efficiency and professionalism. That's why people from Stockton have been using our moving services for many years now.

To give our prospective clients more information about the many reason our clients love what we do, we have included some other facts in the next paragraphs.

Our Movers: The Key Ingredient For A Successful Move

At Route 66, we recognize the importance of having an experienced staff to deliver superior moving services. Our movers are the key ingredient to a successful move, and this is why we only hire highly-qualified employees.

In our company, all of our movers are trained professionals with a keen eye for detail and problem solving skills. They have a great deal of experience and are adept at using the best moving techniques to achieve the goals.

Because of our commitment to provide our clients only the best assistance, we do not hire temporary or unskilled day labor for any moving service.

No matter how small and easy is your relocation, we guarantee that you’ll always receive superior service from professional movers.

We Have You Covered From Start To Finish

As a licensed and insured Stockton moving and storage company, we can guarantee that your belongings are safe and protected during the entire relocation process.

Our workers' compensation insurance confirms that if an employee is injured on the job, you won't become liable for the employee injury.

We also carry up to date insurance and license documents to compile with the law and assure you that we are a reliable business.

We have you covered from start to finish and we promise that the contracted work will be completed according to your specifications.

Route 66 Moving company

We Are Here To Help You

Since the initial contact, you will be able to experience the superior service and performance from our relocation coordinators. They will review every detail of your moving requirements to ensure the exact services you need to accomplish your move successfully.

Our professional staff will provide you with all the information and resources you need to guarantee a safe and efficient service. All of them have a great deal of experience and they are avid to work with you and get you prepared for the upcoming move.

High-Quality Additional Services

At Route 66, we have the ability to offer you a wide range of additional, high-quality moving and storage services.

Our team can assist you with the packing of all your possessions or just part of them. Whatever is more convenient for you! We can also provide help in loading and unloading your moving truck, hauling away unwanted junk, unpacking, disassemble and reassemble furniture and other labor tasks.

With our storage-in-transit option, you can rest assure that your items will be safe in our storage facilities – in case you can not receive your belongings on the original moving date – because your new home is not ready yet to move in or for many other reasons.


With our convenient additional services, we have you covered from start to finish!

A Straight Forward Estimate With Absolutely No Hidden Costs

Our team will evaluate carefully your moving requirements and go over all the pricing and hourly rates in order to provide you an accurate estimate.

We offer a straight forward estimate with absolutely no hidden costs!

Give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free, no obligation quote. We guarantee that you’ll get precise moving quotes every time.

Whether you need a corporate or a residential moving service, a short or a long distance move, we will provide outstanding services at competitive rates.

S.I.T: A Flexible Solution When You’re Faced With Moving Schedule Challenges

For customers who only require short term storage, we offer our convenient storage-in-transit service (S.I.T) – which is a great option in case you cannot move into your new home yet, but you need to be out of your current home right away.

When that happens, we will put your items inside of separate crates and we'll make sure that your valuables stay packed in their original moving boxes. Then, when you are ready to receive your items, you only have to contact us to schedule a date for delivery.                                            

With our storage-in-transit service, you can have peace of mind that your possessions will be safe, clean and dry inside of our mobile crates at one of our storage facilities. 

Stockton movers

Our Clients In Stockton Recommend Our Services To Friends, Family And Colleagues

To us, customer service ratings are the benchmark that we use to gauge how well we are serving our clients and how happy and loyal our customers are.

Thanks to a combined effort, we've been able to maintain superior customer satisfaction ratings. Our clients in Stockton love our moving and storage solutions and they recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues – which we highly value and respect.

Since the beginning, our top priority has been providing unmatched customer care and we are not satisfied until our clients are happy.   

If you are planning on moving to Stockton, CLICK HERE to learn more about the perfect community to live, work and play!

what our customers say

Peter T.

Peter T.


Every aspect of this company gets 5 stars but the highlight is communication. From the minute you connect you're greeted with personal, friendly, highly efficient customer service. Emails are answered in 30 minutes or less, they call when they're 20-30 minutes away on both ends of the move, and the guys are very efficient, friendly, and flexible. A key feature is that you're locked into a flat rate. If you have a couple extra items, no extra charge. If you have some crap you forgot to pack, box provided and they pack it, no charge.Our project manager, Alex, was great. In just the few hours in the Bay Area we developed a professional report because his team was so friendly. On the receiving end in San Diego, we bought his team some drinks and a pizza since they were so great!Highly highly recommend. It is on the pricier end. For a 600 sq foot condo from mountain view to ca to San Diego, it cost $2550, but it was worth every penny.

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FarraH B.

FarraH B.


Definitely use these people trust me on this I got Alex M and his crew which switched to another crew as destination unloading. I called these people a week before moving thinking I F'd up on that...they fit me in which was hella Good but then makes you think? Too goo to b true? *Now u kno my reviews,I keep sh*t real and even if you paid me to review you still getting the truth simply cuz I LIVE off yelp myself and HATE fake ass reviews wasting my time So as soon as my move out date came my lazy ass left my entire kitchen and dining area for them to pack given they had packing service... USE THIS SERVICE...packing is sooooooooo stressful on top of the move itself,expenses,etc so if you have a room that's a headache or fragile...get the movers that are trained to just do it...literally NOTHING broke...fragile stuff shrink wrapped AND bubble wrapped plus taped and or cardboard on top as well... only thing I didn't like was nothing was labeled so I'm still figuring out what is in which be honest...that's the ONLY issue I had with these guys These movers were soooooo realistic..not too professional I hate that ishhhhh some situations call for real humans understanding real situations and that's what I got! My son thought they were hella cool,my dogs didn't annoy them...they played with them...caught my small ones from running out the door a hundred times too which I prolly woulda let the bastard go that ain't my job So after packing my entire kitchen and dining with not one single broken item...let's get to the fact my sons bed was screwed on all wrong and instead of just throwing it together, Alex actually went to Home Depot himself and got the correct screws to safely re secure my child's bed!!! Straight up! I had to tip extra for that PLUS that's 80% of why this review posted...Not one single thing was off base not timing,not throwing my stuff around...the only LA crew even helped me re organize my furniture! I'm a woman and I don't play about the living situation I've provided my family And Ima tell you right didn't get compromised at all! I waited til everything was unpacked to officially review them and like I said nothing broken...some stuff was packed so tightly and securely it was like breaking in my own sh*t trying to get it unwrapped lol.... Don't be nervous about money because they come with a guaranteed rate that does not change unless you get packing ... Your stuff will be exactly how you gave it to them Nothing at ALL missing Never felt uncomfortable in any way with them in my home or new home My environment didn't compromise for them I even bought them a bottle of wine brah they actually have real reviews on here or at least mine is!!!

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  • With years of experience performing moves in San Francisco, our team of locals considers you more than just a customer – we’re neighbors! Our friendly staff is here to make sure your San Francisco moving project goes smoothly, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all during your move.

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