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When it comes to planning your next move, everyone knows it’s crucial to make the right selection when you look for a San Rafael moving company to help you out. Having built a reputation for ourselves as a top option for those seeking a San Rafael moving company, we’re proud to have a long history of success in the area when it comes to providing quality moving services to customers like you.

While our success as a company has helped fuel our growth as highly-competent local movers, it also didn’t happen overnight or by accident. We’ve been able to achieve our success as reliable local movers by staying true to our mission of providing the best San Rafael movers and the best possible moving experience for customers like you. To help illustrate why we’re the best option for your next move, here are some of the prominent reasons why our customers prefer turning to us for their moving needs.

Honesty and Transparency

At Route 66 Moving, we believe in providing absolute honesty and transparency to our customers, which is why we provide free, no-obligation moving estimates before any agreements are made.

As professional long distance movers, we’re also happy to share our professional expertise to help answer any questions you may have about the process and we can provide helpful guidance every step of the way during your move.

We Handle Moves of All Types

Whether you’re an individual looking to do a basic residential move or a local company that needs to move offices, our team of professional San Rafael movers has handled moves of all sizes and types in the past and is ready for your move no matter how big or small.

In addition, we find that many of our San Rafael customers are folks who need to move to other nearby cities in the Bay Area or further away in California, in addition to those who want to move within San Rafael itself.

Whether you need to move just down the street or across the state, our teams are staffed with professional San Rafael movers who know the area and can get you moved to your destination as smoothly as possible.

High Quality Staffing with Full-Time Moving Professionals

While holding a license in an important starting point as a professional enterprise, one of the most important components in our pursuit to provide the best moving experience possible is our dedication to maintaining a high-quality staff of exclusively full-time San Rafael movers.

Our customers in San Rafael tell us they really appreciate the quality of our SF movers, whose extensive experience and training help overcome any challenges that arise quickly and effectively without missing a beat.

Our friendly SF movers are also fully devoted to the profession of moving, making them far more experienced and knowledgeable than temporary workers or college kids who may not know all the best practices and routes to use.

Fully-Licensed to Prove Our Professionalism

Tying into our philosophy of honesty and transparency, we also believe it’s important to prove our professionalism by maintaining our full license as a moving company.

Maintaining our license is a guarantee to our customer, representing the hard work that we put in to earn the license. In obtaining our license, we had to prove to the state government that we’re financially responsible, ready with insurance preparations, have serious staffing provisions in place, and many other important measures in place.

Our San Rafael customers know that our license is proof that we are professional movers who had to go through the process of showing we’re a well-established, competent moving company in a way that unlicensed movers cannot prove.

Our customers are savvy and know to avoid unlicensed freelancers from Craigslist or temporary laborers off the street because they probably have no insurance in place and possibly don’t even hold a formal business license. In some worst-case scenarios, we’ve heard of possessions lost or stolen and unsafe handling of moving vehicles when unlicensed movers were hired for a moving job.

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Outstanding Track Record with Customer Satisfaction

Another major reason customers in San Rafael choose us for their moving needs is that they can simply check review websites and see that we’ve already successfully helped a long list of customers who have been happy enough with our services to write positive reviews about us online.

Just about everyone knows to avoid companies with too many negative reviews, and for good reason. We believe that you should avoid these companies because their poor track record is likely a reflection that they did not take their customers seriously in the past and did not live up to their promise as a moving company.

Everything You Need, Only What You Want

At Route 66 Moving, we believe in offering just about anything you could possibly need to ensure your move goes smoothly, while also giving you the freedom to choose only what you need for your specific preferences.

Our customers love the flexibility we offer in allowing them to pick and choose only services they want, as many prefer to handle some aspects themselves like packing and unpacking personal items. On the other hand, many customers also love the fact that we can handle everything from start to finish, which can really help take away the stress and anxiety involved with moving.

While our services are many, some of our most popular services include packing and unpacking, providing moving supplies, loading and unloading, transportation, in-transit storage in our secure facilities, junk hauling, disassembling and reassembling furniture, and much more.

We’ve found that our secure in-transit storage services are particularly helpful for customers who may have uncertain or tentative moving dates, as well as those who have a move-in date at their new location that happens after their move-out date at their old location. Our storage services ensure your belongings don’t get lost in the period between these dates, no matter how long the duration ends up being.

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Ready to Get Things Moving?

Give us a call or send us a message via email or the contact form on our website – our friendly team of moving experts is always happy to help in any way we can, including help you trim moving costs. Whether you just need a few more answers or are ready for a free moving estimate, we’ll get you the assistance you need as quickly as possible.

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what our customers say

Barry W.

Barry W.


We own and operate Waldie & Assoc. Real Estate in Rio Vista. In the last couple of months we have had the need for movers for our clients. The first one was pretty straight forward and they (Route 66 people) got the customer moved to So. CA. without issue and this was not an easy move. They were great to work with and very helpful to the client. Today, I received a panicked call from another client. The movers they selected (instead of who we recommended) had bailed on them, for the second time, within a weeks time. Now they (the other movers) were not going to be able to move them until March 10 and the new owner is suppose to take occupancy in three days. My clients had tried several other companies, but this being Saturday no one was answering. I called Beck at Route 66, explained the situation and as of today they will have them packed up and on their way to Salem on Tuesday! I can't say enough good about these folks.Thanks so much to Beck and the Route 66 crew for their great customer service!

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Thuy V.

Thuy V.


Route 66 came on New Years Eve to move me from San Francisco to Millbrae and Tony, Marshall and Maral (so, sorry if I got your name misspelled, but you know who you are) came ready to go at 9:00am. They were really organized, came prepared with boxes and wrapped my dishes (no broken dishes!). I did most of the packing myself. I had some Ikea furniture, and they warned me that moving these items were not going to be easy and showed me where the furniture may come apart. The furniture still came in one piece and we were done by 2:30pm. Happy New Year, guys and thank you for a truly stressless experience.

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