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  • 2 Movers & Truck

    $130 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +5% With Card Payment
  • 3 Movers & Truck

    $180 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +5% With Card Payment
  • 4 Movers & Truck

    $230 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +5% With Card Payment
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The Perfect San Mateo Moving Company to Make Your Move Smooth

When it comes to finding a solid, reliable moving company, many movers will tell you they’re the best San Mateo moving company around. To help prove why we’re the best San Mateo moving company for your move, we’ve gone beyond simply making the statement without any facts to back it up.

While our continued success and growth as a moving company is perhaps the greatest sign of our quality services, here are some of the reasons that customers believe we’re an “above and beyond” option for moves within San Mateo and to other cities in California.

We’ve Earned High Rating from Happy Customers

At Route 66 Moving, we believe that above all else our job is to make sure our customers are happy with their moving experience. We believe that our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the many stellar reviews and high ratings on customer review websites.

When choosing a San Mateo moving company for your move, this may be the most important place to start. Remember that movers that have a poor overall rating or too many negative reviews may not be interested in ensuring their customers are happy with the moving services provided to them, which is probably not an experience you would want to have for your own move.

Choosing a solid moving company with strong customer reviews like Route 66 Moving can go a long way in ensuring your move goes smoothly no matter what happens along the way, whereas poorly rated moving customers could turn your move into a real headache.

Added Trust and Professionalism: We’re a Fully Licensed Moving Company

Many of our customers praise us for our professional quality, especially those who have used unlicensed, unprofessional movers in the past.

We’re proud to be fully licensed movers, having gone through the necessary steps to obtain our professional license so that we can guarantee professional quality to our customers. Our license isn’t merely a piece of paper or a license number – it’s proof that we’ve submitted the proper paperwork, insurance requirements, and proof of financial responsibility.

Stay away from unlicensed movers off the street or on Craigslist – you won’t get the same guarantees and they’re unlikely to be insured in case anything unexpected happens. In worst-case scenarios, we’ve heard of unfortunate stories involving thefts, injuries from improperly operating large vehicles, and more.

Movers Labor

Our Team is Comprised of Full-Time Moving Professionals

In pursuit of our mission to provide the best quality moving experience possible for our customers, we make sure each of our team members is a full-time moving professional with all the proper training and experience.

Some customers are tempted to hire college students or simply call up friends and family, but these options won’t have the many years of experience our team has in being dedicated to the professional occupation of moving.

We also want you to know that our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal. We’re always happy to answer any questions our clients may have, and provide advice and guidance every step of the way in the move, which we find helps reassure our customers and reduce any uncertainty or anxiety around the move.

We Provide Reasonable Rates with a Free Estimate Up Front

While we place a high priority on quality, we also believe it doesn’t need to come at unreasonably high costs. We’re always mindful of budgets, and can help work with you to tailor the move to your budget.

We’re also happy to provide a free estimate up front with no obligation, so don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message online and we’ll be happy to provide a full estimate.

Our In-Transit Storage Accommodates All Schedules

Have a move-in date at your new location that’s further into the future than your move-out date at the original location? No problem, our secure storage facilities provide the in-transit storage needed to make your move go smoothly.

While we have storage facilities conveniently located in the Bay Area for San Mateo moves, if you’re moving to other parts of California you can rest assured that we have facilities in several locations should you need them.

We Provide Additional Services Like Supplies, Packing, and Junk Hauling

Our team is fully ready and capable of tackling all of your moving needs, with many additional services like dropping off supplies, packing up your belongings, disassembling and reassembling furniture, and junk hauling.

We provide these services to customers like you because we want you to have the convenience of being able to completely take the burden of moving off your shoulders by having our team handle every aspect of the move. If you’re a customer who prefers doing some parts yourself, there’s no problem at all – our moving services can be completely tailored to your specific preferences.

Keep in mind that not every San Mateo moving company will offer the full suite of services to handle your move from start to finish, so if you need everything handled from point-to-point, we’re likely the best option to meet your needs.

A Personal Experience Delivered with Corporate Quality

At Route 66 Moving, we’re a Bay Area company proud to have started out locally. While we’ve grown from our success over the years, we’re still mindful of treating our customers like our neighbors, providing a personal experience with the friendliness you’d expect from the folks next door.

We’re also happy to provide a free estimate up front with no obligation, so don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message online and we’ll be happy to provide a full estimate.

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Need more information or want to get your moving project started? Simply give us a call, send us an email or use the convenient contact form on our website to get in touch with us. Our friendly team of moving experts is happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for you.

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what our customers say

Daniel C.

Daniel C.


Alex, Ilia and Zhenuya came out on short notice to help me make an inner city move. They showed up early, were extremely professional and had a great attitude. They were efficient with their time, careful with my belongings and accommodating with my requests. I've worked with moving companies in the past, none of which I would give a 5 star review to. These guys are a great team and made my move seamless. Thanks guys.

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 Taylor S.

Taylor S.


Route 66 Moving saved my day today. Sean helped get a crew to my apartment on extreme last minute notice (another company failed to show up for a 3pm move, so I called Route 66 at 3:30 and they were at my apartment before 5). Alex, Ilia and Dennis were incredibly friendly, professional, careful and quick. I am so grateful for the last minute help and the excellent service. I plan to use them for future office moves for my company and of course for my personal moves. Thank you Gentlemen!

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  • With years of experience performing moves in San Francisco, our team of locals considers you more than just a customer – we’re neighbors! Our friendly staff is here to make sure your San Francisco moving project goes smoothly, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all during your move.

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