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The San Jose Moving Company That’ll Make Your Move Stress-Free

For many people, moving can feel like a stressful task to undertake. However, one of the easiest ways to make sure your move goes as stress-free as possible is to start off on the right foot by choosing the right San Jose moving company. To help prove why we’re one of the best movers in San Jose for your move, we’ve outlined below some of the common reasons why San Jose customers love our moving services.

Regardless of if you’re moving across San Jose, to another city in the Bay Area, or all the way across California, you can rest assured that our professional San Jose movers will make your move as stress-free as possible with our quality moving services. Without further ado, here are the reasons why.

Our Experience and Local Knowledge

Having started in San Francisco back in 2008, we’ve since grown to cover the entire Bay Area and California, including San Jose and the Silicon Valley area.

Our years of experience and success in the Bay Area make a real difference compared to generic, national brand moving companies who may be less familiar with the area, or less experienced movers.

We know all the best roads and routes to take because we’ve successfully performed countless moves in the San Jose area, and many of our customers choose us because we’re a familiar local company with a superior team of San Jose movers.

Our High-Quality Team is Staffed with Only Full-Time Moving Pros

At Route 66 Moving, our mission is to provide the best moving experience possible for customers like you. In pursuit of our mission, we’ve taken great lengths to ensure each of our SF movers is fully trained and experienced in moving industry best practices, and we only hire full-time moving professionals.

We find that our customers notice the difference and are delighted by the superior service they get from our team of San Jose movers, which delivers a higher standard of quality compared to temporary laborers or freelancers from Craigslist.

In addition, our friendly moving pros are always happy to help lend their professional knowledge by answering any questions you may have and helping guide you every step of the way. While some folks are tempted to ask friends or relatives for help, our professional SF movers are also covered by insurance, workers’ compensation, and know how to safely operate large moving vehicles.

We’re a Fully Licensed, Trusted Moving Company

Most of the San Jose moving customers who come to us also know that it’s important not to take our license as a moving company for granted.

It’s easy to overlook checking for a license, but making sure you choose a licensed moving professional can be the difference between a solid professional move and an amateur freelanced move.

By taking the steps to qualify for and obtain our license, we’re proving to customers like you that we’ve presented proof to the state government of our financial responsibility, insurance precautions, employee training and more. Our customers turn to us because they want the reassurance of knowing we’ve already proven to the government that we’re a legitimate business with serious professional standards. Unlicensed freelancers and temporary workers can’t provide the same guarantee.

In some extreme cases, we’ve heard of stories involving theft or injury when unlicensed labor is used, so we think it’s important to prove our legitimacy to our customers through our license. With us, you can rest assured that you will receive the services of real professional movers. We strive to provide the best experience possible and we offer basic coverage for your goods at no additional charge. Our insurance coverage spans from the starting point of your move to your final destination!

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We Have Some of the Highest Customer Ratings Around

Whether it’s word-of-mouth or positive reviews on local review websites, many of our customers come to us simply because they’ve heard that we are professional movers that have done great work for others in the San Jose area.

One look at one of our local review pages and you’ll see that we have some of the highest ratings and most supportive customer reviews around, which we take great pride in.

Our customers are savvy consumers who prefer to work with local movers that have a strong positive track record in customer satisfaction, rather than take a chance by hiring a company with few positive reviews or too many negative ratings.

Our Extensive Services Can Be Fully Customized to Meet Your Needs

We offer the full gamut of moving services any customer could need, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation to your destination(s), disassembling and reassembling furniture, secure in-transit storage, providing moving supplies, junk hauling, corporate office moves, and more.

Many of our customers turn to us because we provide a full suite of services that they can either pick and choose from, or rely on us to handle their move from start to finish to literally take all of the weight off of their shoulders.

In addition, many of our customers later find that they need services that they hadn’t originally planned for, so starting off with a moving company that can cover all of the services they need helps them easily ask us for additional help rather than have to work with multiple vendors.

We Can Work with Any Schedule

Regardless of your schedule, our moving services can also be fully customized to fit your move in and move out dates.

Even if your move-out date happens to be well before your move-in date, it’s no problem – our secure in-transit storage services can keep your possessions safely stored as you wait to move into your new location.

If your moving dates could change, or you’re uncertain about the exact days, these in-transit storage services can also help handle any unexpected date changes that may arise, providing further reassurance to our customers that their move will go smoothly no matter what comes up.

San Jose and Beyond

Our services for our San Jose customers aren’t limited merely to the San Jose area, as we’re also happy to help perform moves across the Bay Area and even to and from any other city in California. While we’re known for being one of the best movers in San Jose, we’re also recognized as East Bay movers and even movers Napa residents have come to rely on. In terms of moving companies in San Jose, we’re probably one of the few professional movers that is also a Los Angeles licensed moving company. Because we’re also recognized as Los Angeles licensed movers, many folks trust us to make the move between San Jose and Los Angeles based on our strong professional reputation in these cities. In addition, we’re one of the top moving companies San Mateo residents trust, earning a reputation as one of the best San Mateo movers around. So whether you’re looking for Easy Bay movers, Los Angeles licensed movers, or movers San Rafael customers can turn to, we’re well prepared to move to and from San Jose and these cities – and even well beyond!

In addition, many of our customers later find that they need services that they hadn’t originally planned for, so starting off with a moving company that can cover all of the services they need helps them easily ask us for additional help rather than have to work with multiple vendors.

Bay Area Movers Route 66

Find Out for Yourself

Don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself why so many customers consider us the best option for a San Jose moving company by contacting us today. Simply give us a call, send us an email, or use our convenient website contact form to reach out to us and our friendly moving experts will be happy to help you save on moving costs with our affordable services.

Keep in mind that we’re also happy to provide a free, no-obligation moving estimate, so don’t hesitate to ask us for details specific to your move.

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what our customers say

Barry W.

Barry W.


We own and operate Waldie & Assoc. Real Estate in Rio Vista. In the last couple of months we have had the need for movers for our clients. The first one was pretty straight forward and they (Route 66 people) got the customer moved to So. CA. without issue and this was not an easy move. They were great to work with and very helpful to the client. Today, I received a panicked call from another client. The movers they selected (instead of who we recommended) had bailed on them, for the second time, within a weeks time. Now they (the other movers) were not going to be able to move them until March 10 and the new owner is suppose to take occupancy in three days. My clients had tried several other companies, but this being Saturday no one was answering. I called Beck at Route 66, explained the situation and as of today they will have them packed up and on their way to Salem on Tuesday! I can't say enough good about these folks.Thanks so much to Beck and the Route 66 crew for their great customer service!

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Patty V.

Patty V.


Dean and Baur provided one of the best moving services I have ever had. They were very friendly, professional and fast. Dean called ahead to tell me they were running a bit late from a previous move which helped me organize my time. They wrapped all of my wooden furniture to ensure they would not get scratched or damaged. They were very fair with total hours worked. I highly recommend these guys!

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