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  • 2 Movers & Truck

    $130 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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    $180 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
  • 4 Movers & Truck

    $230 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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A Superior Redwood City Moving Company: What Sets Us Apart

Whether you’re an individual, a household, or a large corporation, we’re sure you’ll find that we’re the best option around when looking for a Redwood City moving company. As an elite Redwood City moving company, we’re proud to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pack with our exceptional professionalism, superior SF movers, quality moving services and dedication to customer satisfaction.

While the strongest evidence that we’re the best Redwood City moving company around may simply be our success and rapid growth, we’re also happy to highlight on this page some of the common reasons our customers love our moving services.

Comprehensive Moving Services That Can Be Fully Customized

Whether you’re the type of person who likes to manage some aspects of the move by yourself, or the type who prefers to be hands-off and let a team of Redwood City movers take the burden off your shoulders, our fully comprehensive moving services can be fully customized to fit any preferences you may have.

While some moving companies only provide loading, driving, and offloading, we offer all of the key services you might need surrounding the move. Our services include packing, providing deconstructing and reassembling furniture, hauling away unwanted junk, secure in-transit storage, quality moving supplies, and much more. With these services, you can let us handle everything from start to finish, or you can hire our Redwood City movers to handle specific parts. No matter which services you require from us, our professional Redwood City movers are ready to provide you the best residential and corporate moving services. Because we are full-service movers you can count on us to complete your move from start to finish.

Guaranteed Quality with Fully Licensed Professional Movers

Some folks in Redwood City are tempted to turn to temporary, unlicensed labor to help with their move, or even friends or family. However, we strongly recommend choosing a fully licensed team of moving professionals to ensure your move goes smoothly.

With unlicensed movers, you’re left without any guarantees or protection. Unlicensed movers are also oftentimes inexperienced and untrained, meaning they may not know how to safely operate large moving vehicles and almost certainly are not insured to replace any broken or lost belongings. While it’s always a gamble, we’ve even heard of some nightmare stories of stolen possessions and moves gone horribly wrong. For that reason, make sure to hire only professional SF movers that conduct business in the most ethical manner, like Route 66 does.

You should also rest assured that a license isn’t a meaningless piece of paper or registration number. A professionally licensed moving company like Route 66 Moving needs to prove they’re ready to cover insurance costs, prove they’re financially responsible, cover workers’ compensation and much more.

We’re proud of our professional license because it represents a much higher professional standard, which results in a better product for moving customers like you.

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Extensive Experience and Professional Guidance

At Route 66 Moving, we’ve grown our company from humble beginnings in San Francisco to a trusted and established name in Redwood City, the greater Bay Area and throughout California.

Through our extensive experience, we’re able to deliver superior moving services to our customers. Our years of hard work and dedication mean that we’ve faced every possible challenge that can arise in a move and successfully overcame it without missing a stride.

College students may be eager to help, but they’re probably ill-equipped to ensure your move goes without a hitch (they might even create a few hitches themselves). Partnering with a well-established, experienced moving team like ours at Route 66 Moving means our friendly movers can help fully answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process from start to finish.

We find that our customers really value our expertise and guidance because it helps put their mind at ease knowing they have experienced professionals at the helm of their move. Through our extensive experience, we are able to help customers cut down on moving costs without sacrificing the quality of our superior moving services.

Our Customers Love Our Services and Aren’t Afraid to Express it

One of the most important aspects to look into when choosing a Redwood City moving company is what customers are saying about the company on review websites.

Probably the strongest driver of our success has been the positive word of mouth support we’ve gotten from countless customers over the years, who have praised our quality services. We’re proud to have a stellar track record for customer satisfaction on customer review websites.

Stay away from poorly rated moving companies, or moving companies with very few ratings as they’re likely still untested and unproven. If the company doesn’t even have a page on review sites, you may want to avoid taking a risk with them.

Remember, you’d rather be the customer writing a happy review than a customer writing an angry review, so you’re better off choosing us than a company with too many negative reviews.

We Can Serve Any Schedule with Our Secure In-Transit Storage

At Route 66 Moving, we’ve taken the extra measure of maintaining secure storage facilities to provide our customers with in-transit storage, should they need it.

In-transit storage is most useful for folks who have a move-in date at their new location that is further in the future than their move-out date from their old location or have a tentative or uncertain move-in date.

We have secure storage facilities located throughout California, so whether you’re looking to make a short move across Redwood City or a long move across California, we can make sure your belongings are stored in a location close by.

Quality Trusted by Corporate Clients and Households Alike

Over the years, we’ve handled our fair share of corporate moves, which can often mean a higher standard of expectations and more complex logistics and services.

We believe our strong track record with successfully handling corporate office moves is further proof that our services rise to meet even the highest of standards, so don’t be afraid to call us if you need professional moving services for your corporate move. If you’re looking for help with a residential move, you can have the added reassurance of knowing you’re getting service that’s up to par with the expectations of a corporate client.

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Get Started with Affordable Rates and a Free Estimate

Looking for accurate moving quotes? Have additional questions or think you’re ready to get started? Our friendly staff of moving experts is always happy to help you out – simply give us a call or send us a message via email or our website contact form. We offer some of the most affordable rates around and can also provide you a free, no-obligation moving estimate.

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what our customers say

 Nick R.

Nick R.


Just had a great experience with Jeff, Jimmy and D'Andre moving our life and furniture (some of which was fragile) all the way from SF to Marin. They did it in pouring rain and were all awesome. Thank you!!

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Tim D.

Tim D.


An update on my initial review a year ago. Decided to give this company another try and was absolutely thrilled. It started well with a quick response from their main office to confirm my move and work with me on my move out date as my plan changed from what I initially put in to their site. On the day itself, Mike and his teammate showed up in the time window provided. They gave me a quick text letting me know when they were 30 mins out and then a call to let me know that they arrived. They took a quick look at the apartment, formulated a plan, and listened to my suggestions on how best to optimize the move. They worked efficiently and quickly and we completed the move well within the time I anticipated. Incredibly professional throughout and I couldn't be happier. Will be using Route 66 for all my moves in the Bay Area - thanks guys!!

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