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The difference between a stress-free move and a moving headache often comes down to which Livermore moving company you choose. For locals looking for a Livermore moving company they can rely on, we’ve built a reputation for ourselves as one of the best choices around through the hard work and dedication of our entire Livermore movers, who are always ready to provide customers the best possible moving experience.

Since we also don’t believe in talking ourselves up without providing any supporting facts, we’ve put together the below list of common reasons why Livermore customers prefer us as their moving company of choice. These are just some of the aspects that have driven our continued success and growth over the years as a professional moving company.

We’re Fully Licensed and Well-Established as Professional Movers

For many of our Livermore customers, it’s of the utmost importance that the moving company they choose is fully licensed, which is why we went through the process of obtaining and maintaining our license as a professional moving company.

Seeing that a moving company has a license means that they had to prove several qualifications to the state government, including financial responsibility, preparation of insurance, professional staffing and much more. Our customers like the fact that we have a formal license because it helps prove to them that we take our business as a moving enterprise seriously.

We also find that many of our customers understand the importance of not using temporary labor or random contractors from Craigslist who are almost always unlicensed. Unlicensed laborers don’t come with any of the professional proof that licensed movers do and we’ve even heard of bad experiences some folks have had in the past with stolen or lost items that are uninsured. To avoid unpleasant experiences, be sure to hire our highly-qualified Livermore movers. Our Livermore movers possess a thorough knowledge of the moving industry and the best customer service practices and procedures to protect all your valuables.

Our Customers Love Us

At Route 66 Moving, we believe that the mark of a strong moving company is strong support from a happy customer base, and our Livermore customers seem to agree.

Many of our customers have told us that they selected us after doing extensive research online and finding that we have an outstanding rating on review websites with a long list of positive feedback from enthusiastic customers who love our SF movers.

When researching for your next long distance movers, make sure you avoid movers who have poor ratings, or too many strong negative comments, as these may be indicators that the company doesn’t meet the moving needs of its customers.

Our Team is Made Up of Only Full-Time Moving Professionals

Hiring a handful of college kids to help you move might sound like a nice thing to do and an easy way to save some cash, but the reality is full-time moving professionals almost always provide superior service than part-timers and often at similarly affordable moving rates.

At Route 66 Moving, we’ve carefully hired all of our professional SF movers to ensure they’re full-time, experienced moving pros who undergone formal training. Our mission is to provide customers like you with the best moving experience possible, and we believe that starts with maintaining a high-quality staff.

We’re happy to say that many of our customers have told us that they really appreciate our high standards when it comes to staffing, which gives them reassurance that their move will go smoothly no matter what challenges arise.

Because each of our team members has extensive experience in the field, they’ve already faced and successfully overcome pretty much any challenge that can happen during a move. In addition, they’re always happy to help answer any questions or provide advice every step of the way.

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We Have More Local Experience Than Other Options

When it comes to moving companies, the spectrum ranges from the inexperienced and unproven to the impersonal big name brands.

At Route 66 Moving, we’ve found that many of our customers choose us because they’re looking for something in the middle. Our customers prefer to turn to us because we started as a local Bay Area company but have also proven ourselves as a successful and growing company that now serves pretty much all of California.

Our distinct position in the moving marketplace means we know all of the local routes and roads better than the big national names, while also providing you with superior experience and service than small, unproven teams.

We Can Work With Your Dynamic Scheduling Needs

In our mission to provide the best possible moving experience to our customers, we’re also happy to provide moving service that can help your specific scheduling needs.

If your moving dates change, or if your move-in date happens later than your move-out date, our secure in-transit storage services can help keep your move on track.

We find that a good number of our customers choose us because they either are seeking this service to cover a gap between moving dates, or because simply knowing that we offer this service helps ensure their move can go smoothly even if they have some unexpected shifts in their moving dates.

Fully Customizable Moving Services from Start to Finish

Our services are fully comprehensive and fully customizable to fit the needs of all of our customers.

For many of our customers, hiring local movers to handle everything from start to finish is a real timesaver and helps take the stress of moving off of their minds. Other customers of ours prefer being able to pick and choose services based on their specific needs, as they may prefer to do some parts themselves like packing and unpacking their personal belongings.

Our services include just about anything you could possibly need for your move, including residential and corporate moving services, loading and unloading, transportation, packing and unpacking, secure storage-in-transit (as mentioned above), taking apart and reassembling furniture, hauling away unwanted junk, moving supplies and much more.

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Whether you’re ready to get a free moving estimate or simply need a few more questions answered, our friendly team of moving experts is always happy to hear from you. Simply fill out the contact form on our website or contact us via phone or email and we’ll get you the help you need to save on moving costs and get an affordable, superior moving service.

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Alex O.

Alex O.


Manny and Miguel are the best. They were professional friendly and very punctual. They moved my apartment in an hour flat! I highly recommend this company especially if you have the pleasure of getting Manny and Miguel!

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 Anna F.

Anna F.


We were very happy with Route 66. Nino and Ron were fast, efficient and super friendly. They showed up on time, worked quickly and transported all of my furniture with no issues.

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