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  • 3 Pro Movers & Truck / Free Regular Brand New Boxes with Full Packing Service / Free Shrink-Wrap / Free Tape

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  • 3 Hours Minimum / No Hidden Charges
  • 4 Movers & Truck / Free Regular Brand New Boxes with Full Packing Service / Free Shrink-Wrap / Free Tape

    $220 cash / $230 card /per hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / No Hidden Charges

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The Antioch Moving Company Customers Love

Whether you’re aiming to move just down the street or need to move across the state, the best way to ensure a smooth and successful move is by partnering with the right Antioch moving company. As one of the most trusted options for locals seeking an Antioch moving company, we’ve built a reputation for ourselves over the years by making sure we meet the needs of customers like you.

To help prove why our superior moving services are among the best around, we’ve compiled a list of common reasons why customers in the area turn to us for moving help. We’re grateful for the continued support we’ve received from local customers over the years, so we take great pride in explaining exactly why they’re helped us become so successful as a professional moving company.

We’re the Moving Company Your Friends and Neighbors Would Recommend

One look at our reviews and you’ll see that we’ve got a long list of customers who were so happy with our moving services that they voiced their support online, creating a strong overall rating for our company.

When we talk to Antioch customers about why they choose us, many of them tell us it’s precisely because of this strong support among our customer base. Customers who choose us see our history of customer satisfaction as an indicator that our team takes our customers seriously and delivers on our promise to provide the best moving experience we can.

In addition, our Antioch customers are smart enough to know that companies that boast about being the best but have mediocre or poor ratings on review websites probably did not deliver satisfactory results to their customers.

We’re Transparent and Honest with Obligation-Free Estimates

We’ve also found that our Antioch customers appreciate our honesty and transparency as a professional moving company, which begins with an obligation-free estimate up front.

However, our transparency doesn’t just end with providing the free estimate. We have a stellar track record of sticking to our estimate and also lending our professional expertise to answer any questions our customers have.

As dedicated professionals, we see ourselves as an information resources for customers like you, so we’re always happy to provide whatever information or guidance you may need at any step in the process.

Our Formal License Represents Our Professionalism

Another reason we’ve gained respect from our Antioch customers is the fact that our customers understand the importance of choosing a moving team that has a professional license.

Our license isn’t a mere document or serial number. By going through the process of applying for and maintaining our license as a moving company, we’ve proven to the state that we’re financially responsible, have insurance preparations, and maintain a professional staff.

Many of our customers realize just how important a professional license is in proving the legitimacy and dedication of a moving business, which unlicensed movers do not provide.

We strongly recommend staying away from unlicensed workers from websites like Craigslist or temporary laborers who are almost certainly uninsured and possibly not licensed to handle important equipment like moving trucks.

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We Only Hire Full-Time Moving Pros Onto Our Team

To help make sure we meet our goals in providing the best moving experience possible to customers like you, we hire only full-time professionals who are dedicated to the profession of moving.

By hiring only fully trained, well-experienced movers to handle jobs for our customers, we can ensure a high-quality staff is provided to meet all of your moving needs.

Our customers have told us that the quality of our staff is noticeably superior to moving companies that may use part-time, inexperienced staff members like college kids who don’t have a lot of time in the field under their belt.

We’re Local Experts With Extensive Experience

Another aspect of our quality staffing that provides advantages for our customers is that each of our team members knows how to leverage their experience to help local customers like you. We know all of the best highways, freeways, and general routes to get your move completed as efficiently as possible.

Founded in the Bay Area, our team has also successfully completed moves within Antioch, and from Antioch to other cities in the Bay Area and beyond. Our success has allowed us to scale and maintain offices across California, so our team is well-equipped to handle moves across the state as equally as we handle moves down the street within Antioch.

We Can Work With Your Scheduling Needs With In-Transit Storage

To help further meet the specific needs of each of our customers, we also provide in-transit storage at our secure facilities to help cover gaps that can occur between move-out dates and move-in dates.

We know things don’t always align neatly when it comes to moving, but that doesn’t mean that our services won’t keep things moving neatly along the way. We’ll pick up your items on your move-out day and securely store them until you need us to deliver them to your new location.

Our Services Can Cover All of Your Needs While You Pick Only What You Need

Our fully comprehensive moving services include just about everything you could possible need, including help with packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation, in-transit storage as mentioned above, taking apart and reassembling furniture, business office moves, hauling away unwanted junk and much more.

Many of our customers love the fact that we can handle everything from beginning to end because it helps take the stress and anxiety of moving completely off of their shoulders. At the same time, a lot of our customers also like the fact that we offer the flexibility of allowing them to choose only what they need, so they can handle some things on their own like packing personal possessions.

Regardless, our customers also feel safer in choosing us because they know that if they didn’t realize they needed help with something when they began planning, our team can cover anything that may have been overlooked so the hassle of dealing with multiple companies can be avoided.

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Ready to Make Your Move or Need a Little More Info?

Give us a call or contact us via email or the contact form on our website, and our friendly team of moving pros will be happy to get you the help you need. We’re here for you, whether you’re ready for a free estimate or simply need to get a few more answers to your questions.

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what our customers say

Ansel R.

Ansel R.


Jeff and Igor were extremely efficient, helpful, and pleasant. Would definitely recommend their services. Thanks guys!

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FarraH B.

FarraH B.


Definitely use these people trust me on this I got Alex M and his crew which switched to another crew as destination unloading. I called these people a week before moving thinking I F'd up on that...they fit me in which was hella Good but then makes you think? Too goo to b true? *Now u kno my reviews,I keep sh*t real and even if you paid me to review you still getting the truth simply cuz I LIVE off yelp myself and HATE fake ass reviews wasting my time So as soon as my move out date came my lazy ass left my entire kitchen and dining area for them to pack given they had packing service... USE THIS SERVICE...packing is sooooooooo stressful on top of the move itself,expenses,etc so if you have a room that's a headache or fragile...get the movers that are trained to just do it...literally NOTHING broke...fragile stuff shrink wrapped AND bubble wrapped plus taped and or cardboard on top as well... only thing I didn't like was nothing was labeled so I'm still figuring out what is in which be honest...that's the ONLY issue I had with these guys These movers were soooooo realistic..not too professional I hate that ishhhhh some situations call for real humans understanding real situations and that's what I got! My son thought they were hella cool,my dogs didn't annoy them...they played with them...caught my small ones from running out the door a hundred times too which I prolly woulda let the bastard go that ain't my job So after packing my entire kitchen and dining with not one single broken item...let's get to the fact my sons bed was screwed on all wrong and instead of just throwing it together, Alex actually went to Home Depot himself and got the correct screws to safely re secure my child's bed!!! Straight up! I had to tip extra for that PLUS that's 80% of why this review posted...Not one single thing was off base not timing,not throwing my stuff around...the only LA crew even helped me re organize my furniture! I'm a woman and I don't play about the living situation I've provided my family And Ima tell you right didn't get compromised at all! I waited til everything was unpacked to officially review them and like I said nothing broken...some stuff was packed so tightly and securely it was like breaking in my own sh*t trying to get it unwrapped lol.... Don't be nervous about money because they come with a guaranteed rate that does not change unless you get packing ... Your stuff will be exactly how you gave it to them Nothing at ALL missing Never felt uncomfortable in any way with them in my home or new home My environment didn't compromise for them I even bought them a bottle of wine brah they actually have real reviews on here or at least mine is!!!

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  • With years of experience performing moves in San Francisco, our team of locals considers you more than just a customer – we’re neighbors! Our friendly staff is here to make sure your San Francisco moving project goes smoothly, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all during your move.

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