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  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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Why We’re the Best Rancho Bernardo Moving Company for Your Next Move

If you’re looking for a moving company that you can trust and rely on, look no further ‒ Route 66 Moving is the best Rancho Bernardo moving company for your needs. We’re considered the best Rancho Bernardo moving company by many of our customers because we’ve worked hard towards our mission of providing the best moving experience possible to local customers like you.

We know just about every moving company will make the claim that they’re the best, so to help prove it to you, we’ve prepared this set of the most common reasons why many of our customers consider us the best around.

These reasons why customers prefer to choose us for their moving needs have been a real driving force in our success and growth as a moving company over the years, so we’re proud to have the opportunity to present them to you here.

We’re an Established, Fully Licensed Moving Team

To some folks, it may seem basic, but many people actually overlook the importance of choosing a licensed moving company.

Our license as a professional moving company provides many advantages over other options for moving help in Rancho Bernardo, because it proves we’ve established our legitimacy as a moving team with insurance preparations, financial stability, and professional staffing policies.

When it comes to choosing help for your moving needs, the best choice is always to go with licensed movers over unlicensed help. Unlicensed movers like Craigslist freelancers, temporary laborers, inexperienced students, or even friends and family can provide all kinds of trouble from reliability to unsafe operating of large moving vans. In some worst-case scenarios, we’ve even heard of unlicensed movers being tied to theft and losses, and they’re almost always uninsured.

We Make Staffing Quality a Top Priority

In pursuit of our mission to provide the best moving experience possible to our customers, we believe that everything starts and relies on the quality of our moving staff.

Because of this, we’ve put a serious priority on only hiring quality, friendly moving professionals who are full-time team members. We never hire inexperienced part-timers, and always conduct serious interviews and background checks for every hire we make.

Our customers in the Rancho Bernardo tell us the high quality of our staff truly sets us apart from other moving companies who don’t maintain such high standards in their hiring practices. Other moving teams may not take staffing as seriously or want to go to such great lengths to ensure quality, but at Route 66 Moving, providing you with only quality people to help with your moving needs is one of our top priorities.

Our Many Moving Services Can Be Adapted to Your Moving Needs

Everyone has different moving needs, whether you’re moving your entire home or relocating your business practice. At Route 66 Moving, we’re one of the best moving options around because all of our moving services can be adapted to meet your specific moving needs.

In addition, our moving services are extensive, and include everything you could possibly need. Some of our most commonly used services are loading and unloading, transportation, help with packing and unpacking, providing moving supplies, disassembling and reassembling furniture, in-transit storage, junk hauling, and more.

Many of our clients love being able to take the stress off their plate by having us handle the entire move from start to finish, but others like to handle some parts themselves, like packing personal belongings. No matter what your preferences may be, we’re happy to customize our moving services around whatever your desires may be.

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We Can Adapt to Accommodate Scheduling Challenges

While our services can be adapted to your specific needs, one in particular also allows us to be flexible enough to cover even some of the most challenging scheduling scenarios ‒ in-transit storage.

If you have a gap between your move-out and move-in dates, or if things change for unplanned reasons and that gap happens to arise, we’ve got you covered! There’s no need to worry, as we’re able to help you securely store your belongings at our local facilities until you’re ready to have them delivered.

Our Rancho Bernardo customers who use this service are often extremely grateful for this flexibility and the peace of mind it gives them, which is yet another reason why they consider us among the best in the business.

Our High Ratings Reflect Our Dedication to Customer Happiness

Need more proof that we’re the best option around? Check out our rating pages, and you’ll see a seemingly endless stream of positive customer reviews and a strong overall rating that’s tough to beat.

Many Rancho Bernardo folks tell us they consider us among the best around because they first saw that we have a long history of providing excellent service to our customers, and then experienced for themselves the superior service we provide.

Making sure our customers are completely satisfied with our work is just one of the additional reasons why many feel we’re a superior choice.

We Have the Best Rating Possible from the Better Business Bureau

To provide more formal evidence of our excellence, we’re proud to boast an A+ rating from the BBB ‒ their highest rating possible!

We’ve got a clean record with 0 complaints on our BBB page as of writing, and we’ve been able to maintain our outstanding accreditation since 2010, so this is no overnight success story.

Our history of excellence and our ability to prove it through the BBB is another reason why many customers in the Rancho Bernardo area consider us to be a moving company of serious excellence.

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We’re Happy to Provide a Free Estimate with No Obligation

Want a free estimate for your moving needs with no obligation to sign any agreements? Just need help getting answers to a few more questions? No problem! Our friendly staff is always happy to help answer any questions you have or provide you with any additional information. We’re just a simple call or email away, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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what our customers say

Tina T.

Tina T.


I could not have been HAPPIER with the move! I was hesitant hiring movers, but if Randy, Tyrese, and Morley help every time, then I would hire them EVERY. TIME. The guys were punctual. We had everything packed already, and I kid you not - they moved the boxes within 20 minutes (out of a third floor, 2 bed 2 bath!) And we had a LOT of boxes. The entire move took about 3 hours. These guys are not lazy. They were incredibly hard working and efficient. Very nice and actually made the move enjoyable. Tyrese even carried - by himself - our ridiculously heavy king size mattress that 3 buff guys struggled to move previously. And I LOVED that they actually put boxes in the rooms they were labeled for. Wish we could have taken them out to lunch, as they super deserved it and seemed like chill guys. Thank you so much for making the transition into our new home so much easier!

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Danny S.

Danny S.


Moving is stressful! Especially when your new home is quite ready and it's Father's Day. Well as my Father's Day present my better half hired Route 66 Moving Company. She found them on Yelp and I read the reviews. I saw reviews mention Randy, Tyrece and Sergi and how great they are. Well they were the team that showed up at my home. Let me tell you work hard is an understatement. It was 98 degrees in Murrieta for the pack in. These three were the utmost professionals, took care of our stuff, and were off and running and worked their asses off. I was stressed we have so much "stuff" that it all wouldn't fit on the truck. They are the masters at packing everything right and protecting our "stuff". They even got my oversized massage chair down the stairs and out the door without a scratch. Once we arrived at the new house they unpacked as quickly as they packed. We had to put everything into the garage because all of our flooring is not in yet. They expertly packed it in and made it fit leaving us access to everything. Tyrece even showed me a loose part on my dresser where the foot screws in sink could fix it. Great team!! Great moving company!!! Thank you guys!!!

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