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How Route 66 Moving Became the Best La Jolla Moving Company Around

At Route 66 Moving, we’re proud to have built a name for ourselves over the years as one of the best moving companies around for local folks in need of a La Jolla moving company. As a top La Jolla moving company, many of our customers even consider us the outright top moving company available for any moving project ‒ from cross-town to cross-California, and residential to corporate office moves.

How did we become considered the top La Jolla moving company by customers looking for the best moving services in the area? There are many reasons, so to help prove to you why we’re one of the best moving companies, we’ve collected and presented the top reasons below ‒ read on to find out why you should choose us for your next move!

We’re a Fully Licensed Moving Team

In our quest to become the best moving company in the La Jolla area, we believe the most important foundational piece has been our full license as a professional moving organization.

Many of our La Jolla customers have reported to us that this proof of our professionalism is an important safeguard for them, guaranteeing that we’ve proven to the state government a number of provisions, including insurance planning, financial stability, and staffing procedures.

Some of our La Jolla customers have had bad experiences in the past with temporary, unlicensed labor who seem like a cheap option, but only end up causing headaches because they don’t handle logistics, equipment and professionalism the right way. Because of this, the vast majority of our customers prefer a licensed mover like our team over unlicensed options.

We’ve Got Serious Experience in the Moving Profession

We didn’t create the best moving services in La Jolla overnight ‒ we’ve spent years perfecting our craft, and refining our process into the efficient, streamlined service that customers have come to know and love today.

We’re always adapting and improving our process, whether it means leveraging technology in new ways or planning around new traffic patterns, and many of our La Jolla customers tell us this results in a far superior service compared to less experienced moving companies.

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We’re A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau

At the time of writing, we’re proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau ‒ it literally doesn’t get better than that if you’re looking for the best moving services around.

In addition to our stellar rating, we have zero complaints currently listed on our BBB page, and we’ve maintained our outstanding accreditation with this important nonprofit organization since 2010, so you know we’ve been considered a top-quality company for quite some time.

We Only Hire Top-Quality Moving Pros

At Route 66 Moving, we believe that if you want to be the best moving team in La Jolla, you need to hire the best moving experts onto your team.

We don’t just hire any college kids or random laborers ‒ we only hire full-time, fully dedicated moving professionals who undergo regular training and have serious experience in the moving profession.

Each of our hires undergoes interviews, background checks, and training to ensure we can put forward the best possible moving team for our customers, and many tell us we’re the best team they’ve ever worked with.

We’ve Got Local La Jolla Expertise

One of the other factor that makes us the top moving company for many folks in La Jolla is our local knowledge and expertise, which newer small companies don’t have and large national companies also lack.

Our local expertise means that we know all the best times and routes for moving to ensure that we avoid traffic lock-ups whenever possible and make your move go as efficiently as possible.

We’ve Earned the Trust of Both La Jolla Residential and Corporate Customers

As one of the top-rated moving companies in the area, we’re also considered one of the best options around because we live up to the high expectations of both La Jolla residents and corporate offices alike.

We find that many of our corporate customers have additional professional needs that can often result in a higher set of expectations, and we’re proud to live up to these high expectations.

Whether it’s our furniture disassembly and reassembly services or our ability to handle any move from start to finish, our full array of moving services and professionalism means that you’re always getting a high standard of quality that lives up to strict corporate standards, even if you’re just doing a small residential move.

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We’re Here to Help You

One of the most important but most overlooked reasons why we’ve earned a reputation as one of the best moving companies in La Jolla is our dedication to simply being helpful to everyone around us.

Even if you aren’t yet a customer, we’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have or provide a free estimate with no obligation at all.

For folks who do become customers, we always strive to make ourselves available as a professional resource to our customers, so we make every attempt to pick up the phone or answer emails to ensure our customers never feel unattended to or uncertain about their move.

To put it simply, we’re always happy to help. Give us a call today and find out why so many folks consider us the best La Jolla moving company around!

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what our customers say

Patrick M.

Patrick M.


I've had to move far too much in my life, starting as a military kid, so I'm very critical of moving companies. I've been "screwed" in the past by them so I'm very careful. My recent move (3/17) was from a bad situation in Oceanside to a small, 1bdr apt. in San Clemente. I got quotes from several, most were ridiculous. Route 66 was the best. On the day of the move, they showed up on time, packed it up with caution and courtesy, met me at the location after having to go through the CHP scales on the 5 fwy, unpacked and kept to the quote. It was the best move I've had to pay for--so five stars.

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Mohan C.

Mohan C.


These guys are amazing especially 'Arty Sanya' is the guy that helped me move my house very polite and kind packed things on time and with good care I highly recommend these guys

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