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  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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    $159 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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Why Route 66 Moving is Your Next Carlsbad Moving Company

If you’re looking for a reliable team to handle your move effectively and professionally, the choice is simple ‒ Route 66 Moving is the Carlsbad moving company you’ve been looking for. As a highly-regarded Carlsbad moving company, locals regularly trust their moving needs to us for moves of all types and sizes.

Whether you’re moving just across town or across California, we’re the best option for both residential and office moves alike. To help explain why you simply need to choose our team for your next move, we’ve created this list of common reasons why folks in Carlsbad consider us the best choice for their moving needs.

We’ve Built a Dependable, Trustworthy Team Around Ethics and Professionalism

Carlsbad customers who have used our moving services in the past have told us that they consider us the best option around in large part because of the high quality of our team.

Over the years, we’ve built a dependable, trustworthy team by only hiring friendly, quality individuals. Each of our employees is a full-time, fully dedicated moving professional who has extensive experience and professional training specific to the moving profession.

We also conduct serious interviews and background checks to ensure our team is of the highest ethical grade possible, because we want our customers to know they can trust and rely on us. We know our professional reputation as a business is at stake, so we strive to only hire the best possible team members.

Need a Second Opinion? Hear it Directly from Our Customers

You don’t have to take our word for it ‒ we don’t expect anyone to simply take anything at face value, so we’re proud to say that if you take the time to do a little more research, you’ll find a robust history of positive customer reviews on websites like Google and Facebook.

In addition, we boast a strong overall rating on local review websites, which many customers tell us helps them feel confident in knowing that we’ve delivered quality service to our customers in the past. Many folks tell us our high ratings and positive reviews really set us apart from other options that may be lower rated or have less evidence of customer satisfaction.

Need a Third Opinion? We’re Highly Rated by the Better Business Bureau

While most people in Carlsbad put a higher value on business review ratings, those that like to dig even deeper into a company’s legitimacy will find that we have the highest rating possible with the BBB at an outstanding A+.

Furthermore, we’ve been accredited with the BBB since 2010 and currently have 0 reported complaints on our BBB page, so you could say we’ve got a long-established history of taking our consumer ratings very seriously.

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We’re a Fully Licensed Team of Moving Professionals

Another way we’ve solidified our reputation as a top choice in Carlsbad for any moving project is our full license as a moving company.

While some folks overlook this important aspect when selecting their team of movers, many customers tell us that being able to see proof of a license is an important way to confirm the legitimacy and professionalism of the moving team.

On the other hand, many of our customers say they prefer to stay away from unlicensed laborers who are almost always uninsured and untrained on best practices for moving.

Our customers know that by proudly displaying our license, we’re showing everything that we’ve taken great measures to prove to the State of California that we have prepared insurance provisions, professional staffing procedures, and proof of financial responsibility.

We’re Known for Being Flexible with Scheduling

Have a gap between your move-out date and your move-in date? Have tentative dates that could change? No problem ‒ we’re known for being flexible with scheduling and can cover all of your needs with our convenient in-transit storage services.

Many customers in Carlsbad choose us precisely for this scheduling flexibility that we offer, as we can securely store your belongings in our local storage facilities until you’re able to receive them at your destination location.

Many Prefer Our Fully Customizable, Fully Comprehensive Moving Services

In addition to our basic transportation and storage services, we also offer moving services that can cover the full spectrum of moving needs that you may need.

Many of our Carlsbad customers prefer us because they know that even if they have unforeseen needs that become apparent closer to moving day, they can simply have us cover these needs without having to turn to multiple vendors or labor providers.

Whether you want us to handle everything from start to finish, or want to handle some aspects on your own, our services can be customized to fit your specific needs. While we have a wide range of services, some of our most popular services include help with packing and unpacking, delivering moving supplies, hauling away junk, taking apart and reassembling furniture, and much more.

We’re Always Here to Help

Whether you need a quick status update or have in-depth questions that need professional guidance, our friendly team of moving experts is always happy to help. Many of our Carlsbad customers love us for our responsiveness, as we always strive to promptly answer any phones calls, emails, or messages from our website.

Our customers love our responsiveness because they feel it sets us apart from other teams who seem less concerned or on top of things when it comes to their moving project. To some, being able to pick up the phone and know that they’re likely to get direct human attention instead of voicemail makes all the difference in the world.

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We Offer Free Estimates with Transparent Pricing

Because we believe in fair and transparent pricing, we’re always happy to provide a free, no-obligation estimate up front. Whether you’re just doing a simple local residential move or a longer distance office move, we’re happy to explain all the details to you before any work begins.

Ready to get started, or simply want more information? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you out.

To learn important information about Carlsbad before your move CLICK HERE.

what our customers say

Jamie G.

Jamie G.


My movers Vadin and Alexey were wicked friendly and helpful! They worked hard and got everything moved in the three hour time period. Only complaint is they showed up a little late but it happens. I will for sure use this company again!

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Alex S.

Alex S.


Hard working, professional and courteous. Very satisfied with both movers. Would use again if I ever need to move.

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