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  • 2 Movers & Truck

    $85 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
  • 3 Movers & Truck

    $115 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
  • 4 Movers & Truck

    $145 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
Riverside movers

If you’re looking to move into, out of, or within Riverside, finding an affordable and reliable Riverside moving company is usually top of mind. As a competitively priced Riverside moving company with the best Riverside movers and services around, we’ve been successful over the years by delivering a high-quality moving experience to our customers at reasonable prices.

We know that plenty of Riverside moving companies will tell you the same, so rather than just leave it at that, we’ve put together this list of some of the most common reasons why moving customers in Riverside choose our highly-qualified Riverside movers to get the job done on time and on budget. We believe that quality services don’t need to be paired with exorbitant costs, so if you’re looking for a great team of movers who won’t break the bank, we’re the team for you. After many years of experience in the industry, we are able to help you save on moving costs.

We’re a Trusted Name in Moving with a Strong Reputation

When we ask our Riverside moving customers why they choose us, most people start with the simple fact that we’re a top LA moving company and a well-respected name in the moving business with a strong reputation among our customers.

Many of our customers find us through customer review websites like Yelp, where they can see that we have one of the highest overall ratings around with a long list of supporting anecdotes about how our services and our affordable moving rates were able to meet or beat the expectations of our customers in the past.

People like seeing a strong track record of customer satisfaction, because it gives them confidence that we are a professional LA moving company able to handle their move properly. On the other hand, our savvy customers tend to avoid businesses with negative reputations who handled customers poorly in the past – and moving is no exception to this rule.

To top it all off, some of our customers also tell us they like the fact that we’ve got the highest rating possible with the Better Business Bureau, which has been trusted by consumers for decades to evaluate which businesses are treating customers poorly and which treat customers well.

We’re a Well-Established, Fully Licensed Moving Company

Many of our customers who are moving to Riverside also tell us they chose us partially based on the fact that we’re a fully licensed moving company with professional staffing practices and insurance provisions in place.

This gives our customers a lot of peace of mind compared to unlicensed movers who may be uninsured, lack experience, lack training, and simply lack professionalism.

In some nightmare scenarios, we’ve even heard of some customers having their valuables stolen or lost, or mishandled in some way. We’re not saying that this will happen every time an unlicensed mover is used, but it seems far more likely than when a fully licensed team like ours is involved.

Riverside moving company

We’ve Got One of the Best Teams Around

Our Riverside moving customers also tell us that they simply love the quality of our team. They love the fact that we’re friendly when we show up, polite and professional. They also like that we strive to be as responsive as possible, answering emails and phone calls as quickly as possible.

Our customers like knowing that we act as an advisor during every step of the process, patiently explaining all of the details of the move before, during, and after the move.

We find that our customers really appreciate the fact that each of our Riverside movers undergoes standardized screening in the form of background checks and an interview process, which helps customers feel confident that the people showing up to their door are trustworthy, dependable people.

In addition, our customers tell us they can sense that our team of local movers are all experienced and well-trained moving professionals, as we hire only full-time movers who deliver a far superior level of moving services compared to part-timers who are far less dedicated to the profession.

Moving, like any other profession or industry has best practices and nuances that are learned over time, so it’s always best to hire professional local and long distance movers to get the job done right.

Our Moving Services Are Exactly What Our Riverside Moving Customers Need

When it comes down to the actual work being done, our Riverside moving customers also tell us that they love that our moving and storage services are also fully flexible while being broad enough to handle whatever needs they may have.

Some of our customers prefer to handle their own packing and unpacking, while others may need some serious junk hauling after years of accumulating possessions. No matter what your needs are, we can cover these services or let you handle them on your own – whatever you prefer.

In addition, we can even tackle challenging scheduling such as gaps between move-out and move-in dates with our secure in-transit storage at our local facilities, so that your belongings arrive on the exact day and time you need them.

Some of our other commonly used services include loading and unloading, transportation, providing packing and moving supplies and equipment, furniture disassembly and reassembly, office moving services, local moves and long-distance moves within the State of California.

No matter what your needs may be, rest assured that we’ve likely handled exactly the same or at least a similar moving job in the past, and can describe in detail how we got the job done on time and on budget.

Full Transparency with No Hidden Costs

At Route 66 Moving, we believe in being fully transparent with our customers throughout the entire process.

This transparency starts with us providing you a free moving estimate with no obligation up front, so you know exactly what you’d be getting into before any agreements are made. We won’t try to make you agree to anything you’re not comfortable with because we want you to be happy with what you’re getting at the end of the day.

We’re happy to work with you to find a moving package that fits your needs and budget, so give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will be happy to get you reliable moving quotes and all the help you need. Even if you just want to ask some questions or get a little more additional info, we’re always happy to hear from folks like you so don’t be shy – contact us today!

what our customers say

Kayla H.

Kayla H.


Great service from this company! We had 3 guys come out, Andrii, Artem, and Oleh. They worked quickly and were friendly! Highly recommend this company.

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 Kris S.

Kris S.


Couldn't recommend this place more. They were very punctual, stating they'd arrive between 9am and 10am - arriving by 9am sharp. We were greeted by Victor, Vadim, & Artem (I asked to spell out their names) who carefully assessed what needed to be moved, then wasted no time whipping out the moving blankets. What was great is how they were on the same wavelength as me in regards to what needs to be carefully moved and what can just go. From our bookcases, dressers, to couches, everything was carefully wrapped with stretch wrap and blankets. Even when I was frantically trying to disassemble my IKEA furniture, such as bed frames, Victor was very willing to help with his tools despite me trying to take it all on myself. I hired them for a 3-hour job to move a 2br/1ba apartment, and they finished in 2.5 hours. Nothing was damaged in the process. I'll definitely use them again in the future should I move again (which I most likely will, as I'm in an apartment striving to buy a house). They were easy to work with and very transparent about the process. Thanks to Victor, Vadim, & Artem for helping me move my family. We're very grateful! ***I was not paid or given incentive to write this review. I am not affiliated with Route 66 Moving nor am I personal friends or family of the staff. This review is solely on my great experience today***

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