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  • 2 Movers & Truck

    $85 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
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    $115 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
  • 4 Movers & Truck

    $145 /per1 hour

  • 3 Hours Minimum / Shrink-Wrap & Tape Included / +3.5% With Card Payment
Irvine moving company

A community filled with serious professionals and well-educated go-getters, it’s no surprise that locals looking for a quality Irvine moving company often turn to our team of superior Irvine movers at Route 66 Moving. As a leading Irvine moving company, we’ve built a reputation for ourselves over the years for our unparalleled service and dedication to our Irvine moving customers.

What makes us so successful? Rather than simply tell you we’re the best, our team has put together this list of some of the most common reasons why our Irvine moving customers turn to us for their moving needs. 

The Perfect Moving Services for Your Moving Needs

When it comes to our moving services, we’ve carefully planned out our services to match the most common moving needs that Irvine moving customers like you need.

As an end-to-end moving company, we provide everything you need from start to finish, whether you’re a residential moving customer or doing a corporate office move. Our professional Irvine movers can handle everything including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, junk hauling, in-transit storage, providing moving and packing supplies, taking apart and putting back together furniture, and much more.

While many of our Irvine moving customers prefer to simply have us handle everything from start to finish so they don’t need to worry about anything, others want customization, so we’re happy to allow you to pick and choose only the services you want and need.

For example, if you prefer to buy your own moving supplies and do your own packing, it’s no problem – simply choose only the services you want like transportation, loading, and unloading.

We’ve also able to handle a wide range of distances, from local moves within Irvine to longer moves around Southern California and even up to Northern California – we regularly perform moves around the state, so we can help you move to just about any city in California. Our clients love our superior moving and storage services and it is not surprising that they consider us the best local movers and the best long distance movers from California!

We Strive to be Transparent and Available to You

At Route 66 Moving, we founded our LA moving company years ago with the mission to provide a better moving experience to customers like you. We found that too many moving companies were simply not treating their customers with enough respect and as valued patrons, and we wanted to change that trend.

Because of this, our friendly team of moving professionals always strives to answer your emails and calls as quickly as possible, if not instantly. We want to make ourselves available to you every step of the way – not just during the process of locking down the agreement. We’re always happy to answer questions that might come up, and we’ll do our best to explain the entire process to you every step of the way. When the job is done, we’ll also check with you to make sure it went as you hoped.

Before any agreements are made, we also are happy to offer a free moving estimate of all the labor and costs up front, so you can review what would be involved in getting your move done and decide whether or not you want to proceed. As a reliable LA moving company, we believe in doing business in good faith, so we want to make sure both sides feel like they’re involved in a good business transaction for everyone involved.

One of the Most Trusted Names in the Region

Another one of our strengths at Route 66 Moving is our size and local familiarity – we’re big enough to have a strong infrastructure of offices across California, but also more local and familiar than the large national brands.

All of our Irvine movers are local and know the lay of the land and all the best times and routes for your moving needs.

Irvine, Southern California, and California, in general, are all our specialty, and we perform countless moves successfully in all of these areas all of the time, so you can be sure that our process, our customer service, and everything else about our company is tailored to this local experience – unlike the big, generic national brands.

High Standards in Professional Staffing

Speaking of our team of professional movers, as a reliable company we believe that the quality of our moving services hinges largely upon the quality of the people we task with getting your move done.

As a result, we’ve got some of the highest standards in professional staffing around for any moving team.

While we have a formal interview process and complete background check in place to ensure we only hire people of solid character, that’s just the beginning.

Taking staffing to the next level, we also ensure that we only hire full-time professionals Irvine movers who are dedicated to the profession of moving specifically, and we ensure they all have serious hands-on experience and training to ensure they know all of the best practices for the job.

By maintaining these high standards in our staffing process, we can ensure a superior level of quality in our services that inexperienced college kids of temporary laborers simply can’t match.

To top it all off, our company is a fully licensed moving company, so you can rest assured that we’ve proven our insurance provisions, financial viability, and professional staffing practices to the State of California.

If you are moving to Irvine and want your move to be in good hands with a fully licensed and insured moving company, we think it’s a clear choice to go with our team of superior Irvine movers at Route 66 Moving.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Sure, it’s easy for us to simply tell you we’re the best, but we’ve also got the proof to back it up.

Simply check out our Yelp page, and you’ll see a long list of customers who were happily satisfied with our moving services in the past. We’ve got one of the highest overall ratings around, as well as great anecdotes from supportive customers, who love our affordable moving rates and our unparallel services.

If you’re ready to try us out and possibly become one of our happy customers, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to offer you our free moving quotes. If you simply have questions that you’d like to get some information for, we’re more than happy to hear from you and help you out with everything you need, including helping you save on moving costs.

Simply give us a call or send us an email today and we’ll make sure your move gets pointed in the right direction!

what our customers say

Kayla H.

Kayla H.


Great service from this company! We had 3 guys come out, Andrii, Artem, and Oleh. They worked quickly and were friendly! Highly recommend this company.

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Alex S.

Alex S.


Moved our 1br apartment from SF to LA overnight. Our apartment had everything: nice furniture, cheap/IKEA furniture, fragile things, big & heavy things, you name it! Nothing broke or got lost, from what we can tell. All movers were friendly and professional. Definitely recommend this service for your move! Our helpful movers: Victor Andrew Vadim Jeff

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