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San Francisco to Los Angeles Moving

Making the move from Northern California to Southern California can be quite a journey for many folks, but you can make the trip a little less stressful with help from our friendly San Francisco to Los Angeles moving specialists. Our San Francisco to Los Angeles moving experts can help make the move completely effortless for you, with our fully comprehensive moving services that can handle everything from start to finish. We’re all experienced movers who live in the local area, so we’re completely comfortable with navigating San Francisco’s rustic buildings and steep hills, as well as navigating the busy freeways of Los Angeles. We know all the best times to move, the best routes to take, and the lay of the land, so you can be certain that we’ll get your move done on time and on budget without any drama. Moving to or from a surrounding city in the greater San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles area? Looking for Los Angeles to San Francisco moving companies to help you go the other direction? No problem – we’ve done moves from all over Silicon Valley to and from every suburb of Southern California, so give us a call or fill out our quick quote form for a free estimate.

A Superior San Francisco to Los Angeles Moving Team

If you’ve checked out customer reviews of our work online as a San Francisco to Los Angeles moving company, you’ve probably already seen that Route 66 Moving has a reputation for having a stellar San Francisco to Los Angeles moving team. It’s no accident – our San Francisco to Los Angeles moving team has been carefully built over the years with the sole objective of meeting our company mission to provide the best possible moving experience to customers like you. As a result, we only use full employees of our company on our moving teams, each of whom has extensive training and experience specific to the best practices involved with San Francisco to LA moving. This allows us to deliver a superior brand of SF to LA moving service compared to less professional competitors who may use less experienced, untrained temporary workers or subcontractors who aren’t experienced with SF to LA moves. At the same time, since we focus specifically on California and our team members are all locals, we provide a more personal and customized service compared to larger national moving companies. We’re the best California moving company Los Angeles to San Francisco that all the national brands hate to compete with.

With the high standard of quality that we apply to ourselves as one of the best movers from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we’re proud to have earned an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. To complement our outstanding staff, we offer a full array of moving services that can be completely tailored to your specific needs. Some of our most popular services include full packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, furniture disassembly and assembly, storage, and much more. We can also make things easy for you by providing all of the supplies and equipment necessary for the move, and our storage-in-transit services can help you managing your moving timeline if your move-out date and move-in date don’t quite line up as conveniently as possible. We’re even known to be a great solution as San Francisco to LA movers that customers recommend to others. When it comes to speed, many consider us to be one of the best Los Angeles San Francisco express movers around with super short-turnaround services available for a modest added cost. While most customers tend to want us to handle all aspects of their move from start to finish, on the other hand you can also opt to pick and choose only the services you want if you prefer to do some of the work yourself. In any case, we’re a totally flexible home movers from Los Angeles to San Francisco, no matter yours needs, give us a call or fill out our quick quote form and we’ll help you get started. You won’t regret it – we’re the best moving company San Francisco to Los Angeles customers have all come to trust and enjoy working with.

what our customers say

Thuy V.

Thuy V.


Route 66 came on New Years Eve to move me from San Francisco to Millbrae and Tony, Marshall and Maral (so, sorry if I got your name misspelled, but you know who you are) came ready to go at 9:00am. They were really organized, came prepared with boxes and wrapped my dishes (no broken dishes!). I did most of the packing myself. I had some Ikea furniture, and they warned me that moving these items were not going to be easy and showed me where the furniture may come apart. The furniture still came in one piece and we were done by 2:30pm. Happy New Year, guys and thank you for a truly stressless experience.

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 Rehan M.

Rehan M.


I can readily say these guys greatly exceeded my expectations. Talk about doing literally everything right. 1) Price- Not the bare bones cheapest quote. But VERY reasonable. In the end, it was definitely cheaper than the low ballers because Route 66 didn't nickel and dime us with crazy surcharges (we added items, a 2nd pickup and a scooter). Everything was very fair 2) Courteousness - Everyone was great to work with, super helpful and very ready to take any direction . Not much else to say on this - but I've heard horror stories from others. As customers, and talking with other companies giving me quotes, we initially thought we would need to on guard to watch out for upcharges...there was none of that and they were really cool about everything 3) Timeliness - all within the specified windows, and great communication. 4) Service - all 4 of the movers I worked were terrific and thoughtful about how they moved things and took great care at every step of the way to prevent damage and treated our stuff with respect(they also provided wrap, blankets and boxes). 5) Speed. We were given a 6 day window. But they delivered overnight (from LA to SF) All in all- can't recommend them enough. Will be making sure anyone I know looking for moving services hears about them...because I'm too good a friend to let them end up with any of those other shady outfits running around town. In the end, the only heads up I can provide is that they want to be paid upon delivery in all cash/money order/cashiers check. No personal checks and cc's are 5% processing fee. All reasonable and easy to avoid with some foresight. Big thanks to the Route 66 moving team

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Yes, it is. Route 66 is a fully insured moving company and licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Our PUC license number is T-190460. You can use this number to verify our insurance and license at:

We have been in moving business since 2006 working as sub-haulers for one of the largest at that time moving companies in California. Route 66 was formed as a completely separate entity in 2008.

Yes, Route 66 Moving And Storage is BBB accredited business. Our main office is in San Diego; please, check our San Diego BBB profile. We are A+ BBB rated movers for years.

San Francisco to Los Angeles

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  • Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Sat-Sun 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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  • With years of experience performing moves in San Francisco, our team of locals considers you more than just a customer – we’re neighbors! Our friendly staff is here to make sure your San Francisco moving project goes smoothly, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all during your move.

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