Are you dreaming on moving to warmer location instead of being a permanent snowbird? Well, if this is your case, you will probably enjoy this article and all the positive things we have listed about the subject.

But just to let you know, like everything in life, there are also a few cons.

For now, let's start with the happy facts...


  • If you move to a warmer state close to the ocean, you are going to enjoy fresh and delicious local seafood. In California for example, there's a huge variety of  year-round and seasonal wild caught, as well as farmed species like oysters, mussels, abalones and clams which available all seasons.
  • A warmer climate is excellent for your body and overall wellbeing. Exposure to the sun helps your body create Vitamin D; essential to make your bones stronger, prevent cancer, boost your immune system, provide higher energy levels, regulate blood pressure, improve metabolism, and protect your heart.
  • The sunlight improves your mood, because it promotes your body’s production of serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer that reduces stress levels and make us feel:
  • happier
  • less anxious
  • more calm
  • more focused
  • more emotionally stable

Sunlight also reduces melatonin, the hormone that causes drowsiness and makes us sleepy. 

According to statistics, the mortality rate is lower in areas with warmer climate.

  • Another great advantage of moving to a warmer location, is the ability to spend lots of time outdoors engaging in hundreds of activities such as: hiking, fishing, riding a bike, swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, jogging, kayaking, running, shopping at farmer’s market and outdoor malls, eating alfresco and much more. If you check our series of articles about the different towns and cities in California, you will be able to see all the great recreational outdoor settings available in these communities. 
  • Kids will be able to spend more time outside, exercising and practicing recreational activities, instead of being indoors playing video games.
  • Warmer climates will probably give senior citizens just the health boost they need! They will be more motivated to go outside and enjoy recreational and social activities. If you check out the official websites of the different cities in California, you will find a large list of programs and activities available in these communities for senior citizens, children, teens and adults.

Remember that regular exercising boots the immune system, and allow us to improve our physical shape and self-esteem. People living in a warmer climate are less likely to suffer from colds, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, flu and other contagious diseases.

  • Cities with year-round mild climate and plenty of leisure facilities such as beaches, theme parks, natural resorts, golf clubs, entertaining clubs, casinos, bars and restaurants, provide lots of lucrative businesses and employment opportunities, since they usually become major tourist and recreational destinations.
  • You don't have to spend so much money insulating your house against the cold, or keeping it warm during the winter and paying for repairs after a blizzard or a hailstorm.


  • Some states with warm weather year-round don’t have four distinct seasons, and this could be a real disadvantage if you love marked change in the weather and the surrounding environment.
  •  Air conditioning will probably overheat your utility bill while trying to keep the house cool.  Fortunately, there are different options to do this without having to use your electric equipment all the time.
  •  Risk of heat exhaustion is more likely to happen when living in a warmer state.
  •  Insects like cockroaches, bugs, and spiders are more abundant in warmer climates, and some of the species are usually bigger in size, particularly in tropical locations. Uggh!

As residents of California, we surely know that living in an enjoyable, healthier and more advantageous environment have positive effects on your physical and mental health. These are the great advantages of living in a zone with warmer weather where you have lots of opportunities of being outdoors exercising, sharing with relatives and friends and enjoying nature to the max.