Are you ready to make the big move to San Diego? Congratulations! After you've secured some quality movers in San Diego, you're probably itching to get packed and start the journey. However, there is such a thing as poor packing. We made a guide to packing for a big move the right way with tons of tips that'll surprise you. Check out what we found!

The Best Packing Tips For An Easy Move

These packing tips are so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't think of them first.

Get rid of stuff.

You don't need to pack some things - this is a fact for just about everybody. If your space was in need of some serious purging before you decided to move, take the time to do a full sweep of your home. Donate, sell, or throw away items that you don't use anymore. There's really no point in packing up stuff you don't need or really want and moving it to a whole new place. Plus, cleaning house will really make you feel like you've got a fresh start in your new San Diego home without all the clutter. Some donation outlets like Goodwill will pick up your items for free. What do you have to lose, other than a bunch of useless stuff?

Don't skimp on padding.

Even if you're packing stuff that doesn't look too fragile, think of how those items would do if you dropped them from the top of your head to the ground. That flimsy cardboard box won't save it - and if someone drops a box from the very top pile inside your moving truck, those items definitely won't be surviving. Purchase or collect and ample amount of bubble wrap and newspapers. Buying bubble wrap is fairly cheap, and it's not such a great cost to protect your valuables.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

It sucks being "that guy" that hits up people to help them move, but you probably have friends and family that are more than happy to help you move. Especially if they know you'll return the favor when they need a couple hands to move as well. Overestimating yourself and thinking that you can move an enormous unwieldy hutch or dining room table could be a really dumb decision. Treat your valuables (and your back!) well by getting some extra help for the big stuff.

Don't rush through the unpacking phase.

It may be tempting to rush through unpacking all your stuff once you've arrived at your new space and your boxes have been unloaded by your movers in San Diego, but you should give yourself a break. Moving is stressful, tiring, and rarely is any fun. Pack an overnight bag full of essentials, order some local San Diego delivery cuisine, and relax for the night. Your boxes will be there tomorrow, and you'll do a better job of unpacking and organizing if you've had time to rest and recharge.

Call Your Movers In San Diego And Start Packing!

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