It’s always tougher for the elderly to move because they tend to be more attached their home than younger people are, particularly if they’ve lived there a long time. They may be experiencing mixed emotions that are hard to express. The following tips for helping the elderly move will assist you in getting them through the moving process.

Take Pictures of Their Home Before Packing Begins

If you’ve lived in a place for a long time, moving can be like saying goodbye to an old friend. It can seem a bit silly at the time but taking pictures of every room from every angle will give them a way to visit with their old friend from time to time. Remember to take outside shots too.

Take Pictures of Sentimental Items Too

If you are in the process of donating items for downsizing or giving things to family members, you can give create a memento of the items they’ll be missing by taking a picture of them. Half the fun of many of our possessions is just looking at them anyway! Later on, when you’re feeling nostalgic, you can then take your pictures out, and it will be almost like still having those items.

Choose the Right Person To Sell To

Are you having a yard sale to help get rid of some items? They’ll probably have items that are hard to part with even though it’s necessary. One way to feel better about the situation is to hand pick the person you sell to. You don’t have to sell your item to the first person who shows interest! Pick the person they think will appreciate the item as much as you have. This way, you will know in your heart your cherished item went to a “good home.”

Downsize Strategically

If moving to a smaller place, it can be difficult to give away so many or your treasures. It might make it easier to downsize strategically by putting more emphasis on giving away (or selling) a few large items first, so you don’t have as much pressure on you to get rid of your smaller items. For example, if you get rid of a big lamp, you’ll have room for a whole box of little souvenirs and keepsakes.

Don’t Let Them Do Any Heavy Lifting

Some elderly folks might want to try moving things themselves. Simple tasks like pulling down boxes off the top shelf can end up being very strenuous so be careful not to let them get carried away.

Take a Keepsake That Only You know About

It can help to keep a little token from the home that is theirs and theirs alone, perhaps something that only they can truly appreciate. For example, you could take a small container of dirt from the garden they planted or press some leaves from your favorite tree. You might take something as simple as a drawer knob where you kept your mementos or the hook where you hung your coat.

Allow Them To Mourn the Loss of Their Home

The places where we live take on personalities of their own. They almost become alive to us. Many of us even talk to them from time to time. It’s okay to feel grief when leaving a familiar place, so allow them to feel this. The venting and complaining will help them get over the loss faster. Finally, give them a few minutes alone in the home before they leave so they can say goodbye in their own way.