California dreamin’.

Taking the trek out West and moving to San Diego is a dream for many because of the sandy beaches, welcoming locals, and progressive culture.

There’s a lot to know about moving to San Diego.

This article will take a look at what to expect when moving to the fantastic destination along with a few tips & tricks on making it a breeze.

Moving to San Diego: What to Expect

San Diego is quite a unique location. It’s rich with culture, growing job market, and always something to do.

Here are some of the things you should know before moving to San Diego:

  • Places to Live – San Diego has many neighborhoods. It will come down to personal preferences. A few of the most popular to look into include Little Italy, Carmel Valley, Mission Hills, North Park, and Balboa Park.
  • Weather – The weather in the area stays a crisp 63.5F on average though can get quite chilly during the Winter months.
  • Activities – You’re always within a good distance for something to do. It may be taking a trip to the beach, hiking, camping, kayaking, surfing, or getting out to scope the local cuisines and festivals. Explore San Deigo!
  • Transit – Moving to San Diego may shock you with the transit once you’re settled in. It’s a big, bustling area which means rush hour can get quite bumper-to-bumper. Despite this — you’ll get a grip on alternative routes or use the public transit systems which are top-notch!
  • Weekend Getaways – San Diego is located close to Mexico and other hot destinations such as Las Vegas. A couple hours and you’re in a new World! Plus, there’s the rest of California to explore!
  • Green Living – Californians love their green initiative so expect to do a lot of recycling and conservation of water.
  • Pricing – Costs for living in the area are fairly high compared to other parts of the States — usually around $2,400 a month for a rental. Be aware of these costs before moving to San Diego.

Sounds good, right? Now let’s talk about getting there…

Tips & Tricks for Moving to San Diego

Moving is easy once you’ve done it enough times but it’s still quite stressful. You’d think you’d have it down-pat by now but there are always moments where you’d wished you remembered the basics:

  • Reduce – You’re spending money on transporting items you don’t want or need. Ditch them early by sorting through all your stuff. Sell what you can to recoup the cost of moving. You’ll have less to worry about.
  • Pack Properly – Ditch the liquor store boxes and spend the extra bucks on sturdy boxes that’ll hold your large items. Label them. This will make the move oh-so easier when things are well organized.
  • Go Professional – Long-distance moving isn’t a joke. Are you prepared to take the moving truck up and down the steep areas? It’s scary. Interview companies. Get an idea of their prices, professionalism, and guarantees.

Looks like you’re ready to get to moving to San Diego! It’s going to be a wonderful, new experience no doubt!

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