If you are planning on hiring a moving company to assist you with your much-anticipated move, there are some myths that need to be debunked and some facts that you will need to keep in mind before you sign a contract and turn all of your precious belongings over to complete strangers. If this is your first time moving, you might not know what to expect when hiring a moving company, but the following list of expectations should help you not only find the perfect movers, but it will also give you peace of mind.


Before you even pick up the phone to hire a moving company, it’s vital that you get to know a little about them before allowing them to give you an estimate. This will help you ask questions that will determine if the price you are quoted is fair for your situation. It will also help you eliminate companies that are popular and well sought after that might charge too much as a result of distance or amount of items being moved. Expect to spend at least a week or so just researching costs, policies, and ratings and reviews. Also, pay attention to any awards companies have won.


It’s unlikely you will get an accurate or even fair price estimate over the phone or online. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to allow several moving companies to come into your home and see the amount of belongings you have, how many rooms need packing up, and how far your current house is from their place of business. All of these factors, plus plenty more, will determine how much you will be charged. Expect to receive dramatically different quotes from the movers you select. There might be a company or two that will offer you a referral discount or other limited promotions to match a competitor’s price, but for the most part, prices are based on the factors already mentioned.


Contrary to what people may have told you in the past, it isn’t taboo to help movers pack and unpack your items, but you need to exercise a great deal of respect and caution. Before helping, ask up front if it is allowed. There are other ways to help, like purchasing lunch, tipping, and referring your friends and family to them. Companies will have different policies. However, don’t expect a price reduction because you’re putting in sweat equity. Expect to drive your own vehicle and lead the way to your new destination.


Another popular myth surrounding moving companies is that if they offer you an estimate, they will offer you their moving services. This is not true. A moving company can reject a job based on availability, insufficient manpower to complete the job, or if they feel there’s too much risk involved, the environment is unsafe, or that the situation is too compromising. Companies can offer you an estimate so that you can compare their services and prices to their competitors and so that you’ll have it when they are available to do the job, they have more employees to handle your move, or if the situation improves.

It’s not unusual to hear horror stories about rogue moving companies, but it’s possible to avoid suffering the same fate by making sure you are receiving quotes from licensed, registered, legitimate moving companies. After all, this should be a huge and the most important part of your initial research on companies. You can’t determine which company is best or legitimate based on estimates alone. Read reviews and do your research.