A moving sale in San Diego is a chance to lighten your load and declutter before your big move.

It’s even an opportunity to raise some funds to help pay for your move. Some moving sales in San Diego, however, are more lucrative than others. Let’s look at the top 7 dos and dont’s of a successful moving sale.

  1. Do find the optimal location. If your house is on a major road, that’s perfect. However, if you’re off the main drag, you might try to relocate to a busier spot. If you have a friend who lives in an area that gets more traffic, ask permission to use his or her house. You might even team up and have a sale together. It’s more work to drag your stuff to another location, but you’ll definitely sell more.
  2. Don’t keep your sale a secret. Many people can’t resist yard and moving sales here in San Diego. They’ll come from miles away just for the chance to find a treasure at a great price. If you want these enthusiasts to show up, make sure you publicize your moving sale properly. Place posters all over, including telephone poles visible from the road. Make your signs helpful to people not familiar with the neighborhood. For example, a sign on the highway should specify “Turn right on Main St. and then left on 1st Ave.” Another time-tested way to attract customers is to place a classified ad in your local newspaper. Finally, don’t neglect word-of-mouth and social media.
  3. Do expect people to haggle. Many yard/moving sale customers assume that everything is negotiable. If you’re truly committed to selling your stuff, you’ll play along. If someone is outright ridiculous, you always have the right to say no. However, one thing to remember is that for many yard sale customers, haggling is more of a game than anything else. They’ll try to bargain you down from a dollar to 75 cents. Don’t turn them down out of stubbornness.
  4. Don’t price items too high. People come to a moving sale for bargains. If prices are too high, you’re going to end up with lots of unwanted stuff left over at the end of the day. Remember that your primary goal is to get rid of items. If some things are too valuable to sell at moving sale prices, put them on eBay. Speaking of prices, you’ll sell more if items have prices on them rather than making people ask.
  5. Do stay organized. Moving sales are, by nature, a little chaotic, especially as the day wears on. People pick up items and put them down in different spots. However, you should still make the sale as organized as possible. Try to group items by category, such as clothing, household items, electronics, books, furniture, etc. Another useful trick is to have whole sections where everything is the same price, such as a $1 basket or a $5 table.
  6. Don’t neglect presentation. Even if your goal is to get rid of old junk, that doesn’t mean you should present it that way. The value of something has a lot to do with the way it’s presented. For example, hanging up clothes on a rack makes it seem a lot more appealing than throwing it haphazardly on a table. A mannequin is another nice touch for showing off clothing. For jewelry, displaying each piece (even if it’s just cheap costume jewelry) in a small box or the kind of displays used at craft shows. Even if you have to buy or borrow such display items, it makes a big difference. An impressive presentation, if visible from the street, also means more people are stopping by.
  7. Do create a friendly and festive atmosphere. The more comfortable people are at your moving sale, the longer they’ll stay and the more likely they’ll buy something. Be friendly but not too pushy. A table offering snacks and bottled water is not only a way to raise extra money but also gives people a reason to spend more time at your sale. Another trick to make your moving sale more festive is to play music everyone in San Diego likes a good beat.

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