You're finally getting around to packing up your garage to prepare for your big move. You're thinking that it can't be much more of a headache than gathering up all the rest of your belongings.

Sadly, though, your garage can be one of the trickiest rooms to pack up. From all the junk to the cans of paint, getting a handle on things can be tough.

So how do you go about packing the garage up? Keep reading to find out.

Packing Up Your Junk

Garages can harbor tons of junk. It's just so easy to throw unwanted or old items in the garage and never give them a second look.

But should you take that junk with you when it's time to move?

In most cases, we'd say no. Just because you can't keep the junk, however, doesn't mean that you have to throw it away. There are a couple of routes you can go to make the most out of unwanted items.

The first route is for those of you who feel that you can let your old items go without getting any of the money you paid for them back. This essentially means that you'll be giving them away. There are, after all, plenty of friends and family who could use the items.

Another option is the classic garage sale. You set all of your unwanted items up outside of your home and sell them at low costs. The goal of a garage sale is to get rid of items quickly, so the list prices shouldn't be too high.

The best thing about having a garage sale is the extra money you make during the process. This money will definitely be of use to your family while you're preparing to move.

Paint, Gasoline, & Other Substances

Paint and gasoline are not junk, but they might as well be in many cases. Though you may want to keep your paint and gas, the fact is that most, if not all, moving companies won't move these items for you. Their refusal to move these items makes sense because transporting these items is risky.

That said, no one is going to force you to give up these substances. You're more welcome to transport them yourself if you'll be driving your car to your new home. Just know that moving these items can be dangerous.

If you don't want to chance anything, you can dispose of the items. If you do so, though, you must properly dispose of them.

Getting Your Garage Packed Up

Once you've separated the junk and dangerous substances from the rest of your belongings, you can begin packing up your garage as usual. Make sure you have enough boxes and bubble wrap to safely pack everything, and label your boxes accordingly.

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