While the end result is usually great, the road to getting there can be struggling for some. Yep, we're talking about moving. 

Packing up boxes, sorting through the old, and those, "Do we really need this?" questions. It's no doubt that it takes quite some time to get ready for moving day. 

But, once that day approaches, you'll want to make everything run as smooth as possible. Besides the basics (you know, actually packing up your stuff, buying everyone pizza, etc.), there are some things you can do to prepare. 

So, put that packaging tape aside and get ready to learn a thing or two. Read on to learn 10 tips for how you can make your moving day go much smoother. 

1. Finish Packing Prior to Your Moving Day 

Sure, it may be tempting to just wait until the last minute on some items. You want to hold off on the rooms or spaces that will "only take a minute to put together". 

We strongly warn you against this. Especially if you're hiring movers, it can hold everyone up if you decide to put things off. 

When that day comes, you'll need to have your items ready to be arranged in someone's truck. If you're working with movers, this can cost more money if they have to wait for you. 

2. Label What Boxes Go Where

You can make everyone's day a lot easier by labeling boxes to correspond to their appropriate room. That way there is no second guessing about what goes where.   

You've probably recruited some family, friends, or hired staff to help you on this day. But, do you really want to play traffic cop? 

Of course not! You have boxes to move. So, take the guesswork out of everyone's job by sticking a label to each box. 

3. Parking Situation

If you're moving to a new house, then this probably won't affect you. But, if you're at a new apartment, you will want to consider the complex's parking situation. 

It'll be pretty inconvenient if there are restrictions on parking spaces or time. You should determine this prior to moving day to avoid any prolonged hold-ups.

4. Keep Your Valuables On You

On moving day, it's very common for people to temporarily misplace their items. But, to avoid any friction between you and your helpers, you should be in charge of your valuables

You should carry your jewelry, cash, prescription medication, and small technology. No matter who is helping out, they don't want to be accused of stealing your belongings. 

5. Empty Out Content From Drawers 

It's important for you to remove all of your belongings from desks, drawers, and armoires. You can put your movers in a very dangerous situation if one of the sliders were to come loose. 

Also, it can be quite difficult for your helpers to get the furniture to actually move. Leaving content inside can make the piece quite heavy (see more below). You don't want to risk an injury. 

We recommend storing your inside belongings in bags, or even other boxes, if big enough. You can tape these to your drawers and other furniture so they don't get misplaced. 

6. Don't Pack All the Heavy Stuff in One Spot 

When moving, it may seem rational to just store all of the same items together. For instance, you may be tempted to put a ton of books in the same box. 

But, this can make you or your mover's job pretty difficult. It can be nearly impossible for them to move. Also, again, this could lead to an injury or strain.

Instead, try to divvy up the items into more boxes. It may take more time on moving day, but it's worth not dealing with the other risks. 

7. Keep the Kiddos and Pets Out of the Way 

In order for your moving day to be successful, you'll need to ensure the safety of everyone. If kids and pets are running around, this can cause chaos or be difficult for movers. 

Or, if they are present this day, have someone help by keeping them entertained. You don't want a kid or pet to accidentally bump into someone or cause an accident. 

8. Plan For Help Accordingly 

It's no doubt that moving is a very big day for everyone involved. Most likely, people will have to take a day off or set aside a weekend day to help.

With that being said, you should coordinate with helpers long before moving day. You want to ensure that your help is committed, and you won't be stuck alone when the day comes. 

If you're hiring movers, you should schedule around 3-4 weeks prior to moving day. This guarantees you'll have time to find a replacement if one mover isn't available. 

9. Create a Floor Plan

Aside from just labeling boxes, you can create a floor layout to further help your movers. Try to decide on a general area you'd like your belongings to go. 

Try to at least identify where big items such as beds, furniture, and tables will go. You can always figure out where your smaller appliances and furniture will go later. 

This will help cut out any guessing and it means you won't have to micromanage. Win-win!

10. Pack The Essential Stuff in a Clear Box

You should pack all of the stuff you know you'll need early on in a clear plastic box. This helps in case you're feeling a little sleepy after moving but just need one particular thing. 

Try to throw your eating utensils, chargers, toilet paper, power strips, and some cookware in there. If you don't plan to unpack right away, this will save you big time on the stuff you know you'll need! 

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