Are you planning to move into a new house or apartment soon?

Settling into a new place can be exciting but getting all your belongings there undamaged can be stressful. You may have a lot of framed pictures, dishware, glassware or other fragile pieces making the move, too. 

Read on to learn how to pack fragile boxes so that your belongings make it to your destination in one piece!

Use Peanuts and Bubble Wrap

When you are packing fragile items, it's important to use peanuts and bubble wrap to ensure that the contents of your boxes are snug.

When it comes to things like glassware and dishware, wrap them with bubble wrap and tape it down. This helps ensure your bubble wrap will not loosen or come off your items as your boxes are moved.

If you are concerned about the extra space around your items, use peanuts to pack fragile boxes. By filling the spaces between items, there is nowhere for them to go.

Don't Overpack

When you are packing boxes with fragile items, it's important not to overpack them. 

This is because heavier boxes can be hard to carry. You want to avoid over packing boxes. Doing so may cause you to drop them or hurt yourself while carrying them.

To be sure your boxes are sturdy during your move, spend some time using heavy-duty tape to reinforce the bottom of your box.

Mark Your Boxes

To take extra care of boxes with fragile items, be sure that you mark them so that they can be clearly identified. 

When you and other movers are handling these boxes, they will know not to stack heavy boxes on top of them. This can help prevent them from being at the bottom of a stack of boxes. 

In order to minimize your boxes with fragile items, try putting these items in the same group of boxes.

Shake and Listen

Once you have taped, marked and packed your boxes, take a moment to gently shake them and listen.

Do you hear any items jiggling or clanging noises as you do? 

If so, open the box and examine the contents. It's possible that you need to re-wrap items with bubble wrap. Alternatively, you may consider adding peanuts to the box to pack things more closely. 

It's a bad idea to ignore these noises and hope for the best as you transport these boxes.

How to Pack Fragile Boxes

If you are preparing for your next move, there's a lot to consider. Packing boxes are just one of the things on a long list. 

But by taking some time to pack your boxes well, you help increase the chance your items are transported safely.

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