Moving can bring on a wide range emotions, from excitement to nostalgia to relief.  

Furniture moving, on the other hand, just seems boring and difficult. 

Think again. 

If you're facing a move and need to move items like your sofa, bed, and chairs to a new place or tossing it, don't worry. It won't be that bad. 

It actually might be--hold your breath--easy. 

By hiring the right service, moving your furniture where you need it to go can drop down your priority list. 

That'll make the move better. And it will reduce your stress levels. Here's how. 

Keep Your Health 

Hiring a moving service takes a load off of you. Literally. If you don't hire a service, you will have to lift everything yourself. 

That could get tricky. 

According to the British government, the average sofa weighs something around 40 kilos

That might not sound like that much to you. You can carry forty, right?

Well, if you convert that to pounds, it's nearly 90. 

You might be able to carry that. But it might be harder than you expect, especially given the funky shapes that couches, cushions, and chairs tend to take. 

You might have friends who will help you out. But their help might not be enough. 

No matter how much help you get, (probably) nobody lifting your couch will be a professional weightlifter. That means you're liable to get hurt--pulled back muscles, torn ligaments, bruised bones--the whole shebang. 

Before you pull out your back or drop a sofa on your foot, get the help of a furniture moving service. They carry stuff--it's their job. 

It'll be better for you and any object involved. 

No Damage Done During Furniture Moving

The other reason that hauling around your own furniture is risky is the damage you could do to it. 

If you are able to lift your funny-shaped furniture, you still have to get it through the door. That can be a tough task, depending on the furniture. 

If you have a big chair, and you're able to pick it up, and you're able to move it through the door and down the stairs, you could still damage it on the door or on the walk to the car.

That's how much risk there is in damaging your furniture. 

It's possible you're just junking this old stuff. But, if you damage something that you want to sell, donate or continue using, you'll need to repair it. 

Those repairs can add up financially. To get a sofa reupholstered, for example, you usually need to dole out around a thousand dollars

So, if you end up damaging your furniture, you will face a choice. Either pay up a big amount of cash to fix it, or use damaged furniture. 

Nobody likes sitting on damaged furniture. And you haven't even considered loading it up into a vehicle yet. 

Don't Rent a Vehicle 

One of the most logistically tough parts of doing furniture moving without a good service is finding an adequate vehicle. 

Go ahead and think about whether your couch or comfy chair will fit in your car while you're in it. 

Unless you drive around a pickup--which is possible, but not very likely--you'll probably need to rent a car. 

Renting a truck for furniture moving can be a black hole of lost time. You have to find a good company, hope that the time you need it is available, go to pick it up and return it within a day.  

Plus, it's a cost that you'll incur without the help of a service. Renting a U-Haul isn't the most expensive thing in the world, but it does cost something.

That cost, coupled with the opportunity cost of spending all day getting the truck, add up to a series of hidden costs.

If money is the biggest concern you have in not hiring a furniture moving service, think again. 

The reality is that you'll get a good deal in the long run, which will make life much easier.

And, at the end of the day, you don't want to spend your move coordinating logistics unnecessarily. 

That could be the biggest benefit to hiring a furniture moving service. 

Get a Peace of Mind

The "challenge" of furniture moving is real if you let it be. If you don't let qualified professionals help, it will be the nightmare you are worried about.

A lot is involved in the planning and execution, after all: scheming which furniture to leave or not, asking friends to help you--the list goes on and on. 

For many people, the fear of inconvenience is so big that they decide to toss out their furniture. That's usually why you end up seeing couches abandoned on the street every once in a while. 

If you go that route, you'll have wasted your time researching about moving your chairs and sofas around

OK, it is possible your couch will end up in a cool article about the abandoned couches of Los Angeles.

However, what's more likely is that you'll have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. You worried too much about furniture moving, which made dealing with it a big pain. 

That's a tough spot to put yourself in, particularly when there is such quality service available. 

Good Service is Hard to Beat

Like any other kind of service, you want the best. Moving furniture might seem like a simple task for any company. They might all seem the same to you.

But consider the factors that separate those companies for a second. They include timeliness, punctuality, availability and efficiency. 

If you want any old company to move your furniture, you'll miss out on one, if not a few of these. 

Why do that when you have a much better company right in front of you? 

The furniture moving planned and executed by Route 66 Movers is a step ahead of the rest. Like thousands of others, you're guaranteed to experience a pain-free move. 

Plus, and maybe most importantly, you won't have to pull your hair out. Feel free to contact here for more information about your move. Good luck!