Because of the nearby coastline and consistently sunny weather, moving to San Jose, CA tends to have an advantage over other places in the country. The many restaurants, events and activities guarantee a ready-made stress-reliever after all your packing is done – or even in the middle of an especially hectic move. For the history buffs there’s the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, for the family there’s the Tech Museum of Innovation and for the sports fan stop by the Shark Tank to catch a hockey game.


The first thing you’ll notice is just how richly the 19th-century architecture of the city buildings and residential districts are; the pristine atmosphere results from all the money that San Jose’s robust tech industry brings into the city. After all, Silicon Valley – producer of dozens of billionaires – is just down the street. As you move about and take in the sights, some of the many things to do include:

  • Golf Courses Abound: The serene and still expanse of Coyote of Coyote Creek is especially alluring because of the par-68 Los Lagos Gold Course situated around it. With a top-notch facility off to the side but on the premises, and an environmentally-friendly topology, it is an especially attractive place to play because of its very affordable pricing. Playing here on the weekdays is as inexpensive as a movie night for two. Deep Cliff Gold Course is another option with 18-holes, and instructional center and more.
  • The Peak of Fremont Rock Climbing: This indoor gym offers memberships and visiting privileges to newcomers. If you’re a fitness freak, or simply someone who likes to try new athletic ventures, there’s rock-climbing here for kids and adults alike. There are bead caves and thousands of square feet of climbable terrain for hours of sweat and enjoyment. For beginners; try the classes run by dedicated and experienced instructors.
  • The Wonders and Fright of Winchester Mystery House: Far from being only for the children, many adult visitors to san Jose swear by the riveting history of the strange mansion. Built by the heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, Sarah, the many amendments and beautifully-kept grounds are testament to what $20 million can buy. To really get a kick out of, visit it during Halloween and surrounding days.
  • Dazzling Eateries: One thing you can be certain of in San Jose is no shortage of great restaurants – given the upscale clientele that reside in the “city by the sea.” For example, there’s the quaint Le Papillon on Saratoga Avenue; it is, by general consensus, one of the best restaurants in the Bay region. This exemplar of fine dining has organic dishes from the Mediterranean and France; as well as an extensive menu of spirits. Additionally, there’s also the Orchestria Palm court for great food that’s a bit less severe on your wallet. The delicious assortment of seafood and Californian delicatessens is accompanied by great music and a terrific ambiance that’s the highlight of moving to San Jose, CA.
  • Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose: A great place to visit for both children and adults; this educational establishment won an award as one of the best attractions of Silicon Valley in 2009. There are many activities that exemplify fun and educational interaction – particularly through learning new ideas, about new cultures and people.

Moving to San Jose, CA is an experience of a lifetime, and the city does its best to hint at the life you can expect in your new neighborhood. Visit the popular tourist areas first, and make a note to see the rest during your years here.