Hooray! It's moving day!

Said no one ever. 

In fact, moving has been statistically proven to be more stressful than getting a divorce... Dang.

So what can you do to make the day as stress-free as possible?

The answer is simple: hiring moving companies can greatly alleviate some of the burdens of the big moving day.

Here are five very convincing reasons to ditch your inhibitions and hire the best moving company in San Diego.

Moving Companies: 5 Reasons They're Worth It

1. You're less likely to get hurt

We've all moved or helped a friend move.

You have to admit... it felt pretty dangerous.

When your friend is shouting for you to pivot when you're on the bottom end of a staircase and a couch is shoved under your chin... your life might flash before your eyes. 

Movers take away the chance of hurting yourself. Let the professionals do the lifting... they're actually trained to do it right! Save your back.

No one needs to end up in the hospital just to get your flatscreen down the street.

2. Your friends and family will still love you

Let's face it — if a friend or family buys a new house, after the initial vicarious happiness, a nice sense of dread settles in.

"Are they gonna call me to help?," followed by a groan and memory flashes of the last moving day you took part in.

We've all been there, and honestly, it's never fun.

3. Ease some of the stress

Moving is stressful. Straight up. The packing, organizing, transfer of bills, yard sales, cleaning...

It's a lot.

Hiring movers relieves a ton of stress by taking care of a large part of the job. You're left to focus on more important matters while they take care of that armoire you always thought was bolted to the floor.

4. Don't worry about equipment

Heavy lifting can only get you so far. There's sometimes a need for specialized equipment that often gets overlooked when you first start the moving process.

The right truck, the right rolling dollies, the right allen wrench to dismantle that oddly shaped desk... moving companies have it all.

It's easy for a simple job to turn mind-blowingly complicated in the span of seconds when you don't have the right tools. 

So leave it to the experts. You won't be disappointed.

5. Actually... You can save money

It's the biggest hesitation when hiring moving companies: "It's too expensive... we can do it cheaper ourselves!"

But can you? Really?

When you start to break it down it might not be as cheap as you think. There are a ton of hidden costs of moving.

We underestimate the costs of moving on our own, but there's a lot to consider. Breakage, buying everyone who helps beer and pizza, loss of items, no insurance coverage... not mention time. It adds up quick.

So before you get sticker shock when you see a moving companies price tag, really think about what it'll cost you to go it alone. It's worth the hire.

Time to Move On

Your best choice is to hire awesome movers — a company that'll take care of your home and you.

Contact us today to find out just how much we genuinely care about making your moving process as smooth as possible.

We know you won't be disappointed.