Moving to San Diego, even if it's from inside California, is a huge undertaking. You face numerous logistical issues that only get more complicated with pets. If you're like most people, though, it's that $2300 average price for an intrastate move that weighs on you.

Why wouldn't it weigh on you? Odds are that you've recently bought a house and the idea of moving costs is tough to swallow.

Some of those costs are unavoidable. You need a truck and trucks need fuel. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce moving costs.

Reducing Moving Costs:


Moving companies are busiest early and late in the month because that's when most leases expire. Moving then means competing for movers with everyone else who's moving at the same time.

The end result is that you pay premium rates to the movers.

Aim to move during the middle part of the month if at all possible. This increases the chances that you'll be offered or be able to negotiate the moving costs for a better total price or hourly rate.

Pare Down Your Belongings

Almost everyone thinks they have too much stuff. A move is a perfect time to offload some of that stuff.

Friends and family are often in the market for used furniture, movies or music. You can also donate to Goodwill, a Habitat for Humanity ReStore or other charities. Charitable contributions can often be written off on your taxes.

As a bonus, it'll save you money.

Short distance moves are typically charged by the hour and long distance moves by weight. Less stuff means less time to move it or a lower total weight. Either way, it's less money out of pocket.

Stay with Family or Friends

It's almost impossible to avoid a couple nights in a hotel during a move. Utilities often don't get turned on promptly at a new place. You also need to sleep on a cross-country journey to your new home in San Diego.

For a local move, check with friends and family to see if anyone needs a house sitter or will let you impose for a day or two. You can likely plan a route that will put you near to accommodating family for those interstate moves.

Not paying for hotel rooms won't make you rich, but it helps to defray your moving costs.

Manage Your Appliances

Save for putting them onto the truck and taking them back off the truck, movers generally won't do anything with appliances. Getting same-day service to have them disconnected will cost you dearly

Make sure to get washers, dryers and water-connected fridges disconnected ahead of time. Do it yourself or enlist a knowledgeable friend to keep the cost as low as possible.

Away You Go!

Nothing will ever make moving free, but you we can help to reduce your cost of moving. Offloading some of your stuff and timing your move properly are big money savers. Staying with friends or family during the move, as well as being proactive with appliances, offer some incremental cost savings.

With nearly a decade of experience, Route 66 Moving is ready to help you make your San Diego move. If you have any questions or would like an estimate, contact us today.