On the top ten list of stressful events, moving and pregnancy are neck-in-neck somewhere in the mix. Why not tackle them together?

Whether you are pregnant or someone else in the family who is part of the move to San Diego or anywhere else, at the very least you are down one packer, one helper, one normally functioning partner. Moving is already a stressful ordeal, when no one is pregnant. Adding that fairly sensitive fact into the mix will be easier and more successful by following the six super ideas outlined below.

Hire A Helper

Yes, more money out the window. But unless your group is made up of a bunch of strong strapping lads, hiring help is the best way to avoid injuries and stay on schedule. You can save money by finding some college guys who need a few bucks. You might think you can do it all, but chances are, not only is your pregnant one out of commission, she probably needs you now and then as well, which takes you too away from the move.

Schedule Meals & Breaks

This is best in any situation but consider the advantages. You and the whole family will rest easy knowing when you’re stopping, resting and eating. Fewer questions and irritability means a better day or days for all. Whoever is pregnant is hungry and tired anyway, so breaks and food are not optional.

Do Not Count On the Pregnant Person

Even if your wife or mother or sister says she will delegate, she can carry small things or pack little boxes, she is moving and thinking slower on her best day. She’ll stop to nap, cry over photographs and change her mind more than once. Let her do what she can do. Just don’t rely on her progress.

Prepare Your Destination(s)

This means along the way and wherever you are ultimately headed. Of course you can’t travel ahead and actually prepare, but you can probably find someone there who understands and will pitch in. Have electricity already going and make sure things are as warm or cool as needed. Have some essentials in the fridge and paper in the restroom. Your pregnant person will not want to wait. This is even more important if you are moving to an area you aren’t familiar with and running to the store might be a daunting task.

Ask For Help

Chances are, there are family members and friends dying to lend a hand and rub the belly. Don’t hesitate to ask. Anything that gets the truck packed and the house in your rear-view is worth a little pride. Things go very quickly when a lot of hands are involved. Turning it into a little party also eases stress and anxiety.

Is This The Best Time To Move?

It’s a little late to ask that right? Maybe, maybe not. But ask a few more questions just in case. Is there any chance of your pregnant one going into labor during this trip? Are you leaving a job or the state? Will your health insurance be effected?  Scheduling a move around the birth of a child is very common and smart.

Nothing can make a big move easy and pregnancy is a trying time. Make sure they can both be laughed about later by planning your move piece by piece, preparing for the worst and leaving room for unexpected change. The silent vote goes to that little one and he or she can throw any plan off the tracks. The most important detail, that wasn’t on the list is all in your head. Keep it cool and calm. It will be over soon, no matter what. Call Us or CLICK HERE for a Stress Free Estimate.