A piano is one of the most challenging items to move from one location to another. The weight, size, and odd shape of a piano combine to make it more difficult to move than virtually any other piece of furniture. Moving a piano requires the proper tools and vehicle in addition to the highest level of care. Below is a step by step guide on how to move a piano safely.

1) Never underestimate the challenges of moving a piano.

The first step to safely moving a piano is to understand exactly why moving a piano is so challenging. Below are the key reasons why moving a piano requires the highest level of care and expertise:

  • Pianos are large. Some pianos are so large that they cannot fit through some doors.
  • Pianos are heavy. Grand pianos may weigh close to 1,000 pounds.
  • Pianos are valuable. Some antique pianos are worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Pianos are fragile. Some pianos contain close to 1,000 delicate components.

2) Secure the equipment and people needed to safely move a piano.

Moving a piano safely requires some key equipment. Below is a list of the key items that you should have on hand or rent before beginning the moving process:

  • A large moving vehicle (truck or trailer) with a loading ramp
  • A hand truck or moving dolly with four heavy-duty casters
  • Furniture straps to provide security during the moving process and on the truck
  • Protective moving blankets to protect the piano
  • At least 5-6 strong people (preferably with moving experience) to move the piano

3) Get your piano ready for the move.

Make sure that the lid of your piano is closed and locked before you begin the moving process. The piano should then be wrapped securely with the protective moving blankets to help prevent scratches and other damage. You may also wish to remove the small casters at the bottom of the piano, as they are usually not designed for rolling or moving purposes. Finally, position a moving blanket under one end of the piano and make sure that there is a clear path from the piano to the exit or door.

4) Begin the actual moving process.

After preparing the piano for moving, you can initiate the move from the piano’s location to the moving truck. Here are some key steps to follow as you move the piano to your moving truck:

  • Make sure that at least three people are on one end of the piano to lift it
  • As the end of the piano is being lifted, a fourth person should slide the dolly under the piano
  • Lift the other end of the piano to ensure that the dolly is centered under the piano
  • Gradually slide the dolly holding the piano toward the door
  • As the piano slides toward the door, movers should be positioned on both ends and in the center
  • Begin to roll the front wheels of the dolly onto the truck loading ramp
  • Move the piano to the very back of the truck and secure it tightly with straps

5) Repeat the moving process in step 4 upon arrival at the new location.

You can follow the same steps outlined above as you remove your piano from the moving truck. Once you have your piano safely inside its new home, you should fully inspect it for damage. Remember that the moving process could cause your piano to sound a little out of tune. This is normal and you only need to have it tuned if the problem persists for several weeks.

Why a Professional Moving Company is Your Best Option

The best way to ensure that your piano is moved safely is to enlist the services of professional movers. They will have the tools, vehicles and expertise required to safely transport your piano. This is especially important if you must navigate multiple flights of stairs or if you have a grand piano that requires extra support. As you evaluate moving companies, you should seek companies that possess the following qualities:

  • Years of experience moving specialty items
  • Licensed and insured
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Favorable online reviews
  • Ability to provide plenty of references upon request

Please contact us if you would like assistance safely moving your piano. Whether you have an upright piano or a grand piano, our professional movers have the experience to makes sure that your piano reaches its new home safely and securely. CLICK HERE for Free estimate!