Is the charm of San Diego wearing thin for you?

San Diego might be a popular destination, but it's not an easy place to live. That's why many people are relocating away from San Diego.

But if you're moving away from San Diego, you might want some idea of what you'll find elsewhere.

We've put together some things you can expect from life beyond San Diego.

You'll experience all four seasons

Any San Diego native knows that its seasons are more like different shades of hot. Occasional "May gray and June gloom" are mostly just there to stop natives going mad with boredom from the endless sun. In 125 year period, San Diego has experienced snowfall only five times

By moving elsewhere, you'll get to experience all four seasons again. If you want a gentle Spring followed by a pleasant Summer, eventually cooling off into Fall before the Winter snows come around, you'll need to look somewhere other than San Diego.

You'll end up with more money

It's no secret that the cost of living in California is high. Housing prices are off the scale. But for San Diego natives, the cost of living isn't balanced by job opportunities. San Diego is almost entirely dependent on tourism for its economy, so opportunities are rare and limited.

Low salaries round out the money-sink trifecta.

Moving away to another state or country could save you a lot of money in the long run, and give you the chance to earn a lot more in the first place.

You'll be safer from major disasters

Wildfires and flooding are already threats in California during the normal course of the year. But it gets much, much bigger than that. The San Andreas fault is way overdue for a major seismic event.

No one knows exactly what a quake on that scale will look like, but it will be devastating. It's also likely to come without much warning at all.

San Diego, situated on the coast, could well experience a tsunami to compound its misery.

Depending on where you're relocating, you could greatly reduce your risk of being caught up in a major disaster.

You'll find some real friends

San Diego is a tourist city. That means a lot of people are there for only a little while. The community can be lacking due to constant shifts in the population.

This problem is only likely to get worse with time, due to the huge growth San Diego has experienced over the past few decades. At the same time, many long-term San Diego residents are moving on to pastures new.

If you want somewhere with a sense of community and long-term friendships, it's time to think about relocating elsewhere.

You can find somewhere to settle down

San Diego is still growing fast. Transplants from other states and immigrants from other nations are quickly changing the city forever. There's no real telling what it'll look like in ten or even five years.

Relocating might be unpredictable to start with, but you can find a much more stable corner of the world to settle down in. Combined with the high cost of living, San Diego's rampant growth makes it poorly suited for building long-term stability.

Moving to greener pastures

So you might miss some things about San Diego, but as we've explored, there's a lot to be found elsewhere in the world. Keep this in mind while you think about whether relocating out of San Diego is right for you.

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