Congratulations: you're getting ready for your move to beautiful San Diego, California. Before you do, you may want to prepare yourself to begin your new life in this new city and to make your move as seamless as possible. See below for our top five tips for things you should do before moving into your home in San Diego:

Pack appropriately for the weather. Adjust your wardrobe to bring what you need for San Diego. Depending on where you're moving from, you may have a closet full of clothing types you won't need, like scarves, coats, and woven hats (at least unless you travel!). Why is this? San Diego typically remains at a balmy 60 to 70-degree temperature year-round. If your clothes reflect a heavy winter season, be sure you have a storage place for these, and that you're truly prepped to comfortably enjoy the year-round beauty of San Diego!

Have an idea of what your costs will be, including the cost of moving While San Diego is by no means the cheapest city in America, and you'll need to be aware of your expenses, like cost of moving, there is good news: San Diego's cost of living doesn't come near the prohibitive costs of nearby areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles. To understand fully what you and your loved ones will be able to expect to afford in your San Diego lifestyle, use a cost of living calculator before your move, like this moving calculator here.

When looking at moving companies estimates, make sure you get only reputable moving companies estimates from trusted teams. Be sure to avoid any team that wants to charge you for a moving company estimate, as any moving estimate should be free of charge before any work agreement is finalized. Finally, as you try to estimate your moving prices, the moving cost estimator mentioned above is a good option but the best method is to ask a trustworthy, experienced moving team about their moving prices. If you need someone to help you estimate moving costs, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email and we’ll be happy to help you out! Many of our customers come to us looking for a movers estimate, so we’re well-versed in the process.

Understand how you're going to get around. Many cities have an array of transportation options these days. For your daily trips to work or school or other, how will you travel? You'll likely want a car, as public transportation doesn't yet go everywhere quickly around San Diego, but you do have options. While the transportation options may not run on your schedule, you can certainly plan trips for fun and, if timed right, for business on the many San Diego transportation types: bus, ferry, trolley, and more. To play with planning your trips within San Diego ahead of time, visit the transit system online here.

Explore the vast entertainment options. San Diego is full of wonderfully entertaining and exciting activities for you to enjoy; you'll never be bored! Before you move, be sure to have an idea of the full range of possibilities open to you. Nearby (and easy-to-visit) beaches provide an option for a beautiful and scenic day away, and there's a fantastically large variety to choose from. For a more exotic day activity, you can indulge in whale watching, too. You've likely heard about the world-famous San Diego zoo, which will now be in your backyard. For evening and weekend entertainment, San Diego has some of the country's best beer on the scene, and you won't have to travel far to find great dining and drinking options.

For unique options, Del Mar provides an opportunity to view horse-racing near the ocean, and San Diego Comic-Con houses the most famous gathering of pop culture enthusiasts in the world. For any range of interests, San Diego will be able to provide a wonderful time.

If coming with the family, know your options. San Diego is a very family-friendly place. In addition to the amazing entertainment options listed above, you'll want to know if San Diego provides a top-notch lifestyle all around for your loved ones. Great news: it does! The schools in San Diego are highly regarded, and there is a huge variety of wonderful higher education options as well. In addition, San Diego boasts a low crime rate and has frequently been voted as one of the safest cities in America. To learn more about your options with San Diego's school system, visit online comparisons and reviews and call or schedule early visits to understand your options ahead of time.

For more information or tips on preparing for your move to San Diego, don't hesitate to contact Route 66 Moving today or fill out a form for a free estimate.