Having to move pets from one location like San Diego to San Francisco is frequently a major stress, especially when it’s done in a hurry due to a particular circumstance.

It’s tougher when you have to move from a home you’ve lived in for a while. If you have pets, stress could compound for them since they’ve perhaps never had experience moving in their lifetimes.

Finding ways on how to handle your pets while moving is essential since you want their mind at ease during the moving process. In many cases, they may not understand what’s going on if they’ve grown up entirely in one place.

Moving frequently creates chaos, but smart approaches help your pets feel less confused and stressed. Here’s how to handle it before the move occurs, during the move, and even getting pets acclimated to a new location.

Making Pets Familiar With a Carrier

As Pet finder states, you have to “plan, plan, plan” before moving with your pet. One of the essential things they mention is to get your pet used to being in a carrier since your dog or cat may have to spend time in one if traveling long-distance.

Take some time in the weeks before your move to let your pet examine the carrier every day. If you have a cat or dog, let them go inside of it and get used to the environment and scent. They’ll feel like it’s something familiar once having to spend time in one for long periods.

Riding in Cars

Your pet may have no experience riding for long distances in cars either. Never assume they’ll feel comfortable in a car if you’re traveling for hundreds of miles. Even if they’ve had some experience traveling short distances, it’s a different story when having to sit nearly motionless for hours.

It’s possible your pet is prone to car sickness as well. Talk to your veterinarian about prescribing a medication so your dog or cat can travel with more ease. Also, be sure to take plenty of water and walk your pet when stopping for driving breaks. Always have them on a leash when walking them in the event they suddenly run or wander off.

Taking Your Pet’s Health Certificate

Traveling to other locations can involve some hassles if you’re bringing your pet across state lines. Many states require a Certificate of Veterinary inspection before you can officially bring your pet to live there.

You need to prove your pet is healthy and won’t potentially spread diseases to other animals or people. However, you have to assure the certificate had a signing by an accredited veterinarian.

These certifications need further presenting when traveling by airline, so acquire the form weeks before your move. Always keep it in a safe place if you have to present it when traveling by car.

Traveling By Other Means (Other Than Train or Bus)

There isn’t any use bothering to travel with your pet by train or bus since most states don’t allow this, other than guide dogs. Traveling by airline may bring extreme stress to your pet, though you shouldn’t tranquilize them since it could bring heart or respiratory problems due to altitude pressures. Be sure to book a non-stop flight to reduce the time your pet stays in the carrier.

In a scenario where you’re traveling by boat, it’s best to keep your pet in a carrier, though you may have to train them to use a newspaper for going to the bathroom.

Acclimating to a New Location

Stay close to your pet when entering a new home for the first time. It’s going to take some time for them to explore and become familiar with the new surroundings.

Cats, in particular, need to become familiar with the scents and nuances of a new home. Dogs are similar, but be by their side during this stage so they don’t feel stressed or alone.

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