A long distance move in California is an unnerving process for many people.

In addition to concerns related to adjusting to a new environment, homeowners often worry that their personal belongings will get lost or sustain damage during the moving process. Fortunately, some careful advance planning is often all that you need to help prevent damage to your personal possessions. Below are 10 steps to make sure that you protect your belongings during a long distance move in California.

1) Disassemble larger items in advance of your move.

You can save time, resources, and transportation costs by disassembling larger items before loading them into a moving truck. Below are some examples of items that you can disassemble to facilitate the moving process:

  • Beds. Pack sheets and bedding in a box or bag; remove the mattress and rails from the bed frame.
  • Tables. You can often remove the tabletop from the base of a table to facilitate a safer moving process.
  • Shelves. Disassembly steps will depend upon whether you have wire shelves, metal shelves, or wooden shelves.

2) Measure items in advance so you know how much truck space is needed.

Failure to obtain estimated dimensions of your valuables before you move can result in wasted expense and truck space if you overestimate needed truck space or a shortage of moving vehicles if you underestimate the number of space needed.

3) Make sure you have plenty of blankets.

Moving blankets provide great protection for your furniture and larger valuables. They cover the surface of your valuables and prevent them from sustaining damage when they are being transported to your new home. If you are using the services of a moving company, they will likely already have plenty of blankets. Or, if you are arranging your own transportation, you can easily rent or buy moving blankets from Amazon.com or your local hardware store.

4) Know when to ask for help.

Many homeowners underestimate the difficulty of moving large pieces of furniture during a move. Failure to seek help to move larger items can produce disastrous outcomes. Below are some situations that are best undertaken with the help of a team of people:

  • A move that involves many large or heavy items such as pianos, fish tanks or large appliances
  • Moves that involve the transportation of several large truckloads of belongings
  • A move that must be completed immediately or within extremely tight time constraints

5) Label boxes that contain fragile items.

Fragile items should be carefully wrapped and packed in sturdy boxes or cartons. Boxes and cartons should be sealed with shipping tape and labeled with a “Fragile” designation for extra safe handling. Below are some recommended materials to use when packing fragile items:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Liquid foam packaging
  • Polystyrene filler

6) Carry small, high-value items with you in your personal vehicle if possible.

You should personally transport any personal possessions that are extremely valuable or important to you. Examples include jewelry, large amounts of cash, and portable electronic devices.

7) Nest smaller items inside larger ones.

Nesting is a technique that helps you maximize space on your moving trucks and protect smaller fragile belongings. Nesting is an option if you are moving any larger items with internal storage space that can be used to house smaller, securely wrapped valuables during a move.

8) Make sure that you are onsite when your belongings arrive at your new home.

Even if you have hired a professional moving company, you should plan to be on hand as your valuables are being delivered to your new home.

9) Seek the services of a trusted relocation expert.

The safest way to protect your belongings during a long distance move in California is to enlist the guidance of a professional moving company like Route 66 Moving. Professional movers have the best vehicles and tools to provide maximum protection for your belongings. Additionally, you benefit from the expertise of an industry professional. As you review professional moving companies, you should look for a company that possesses the following traits:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation
  • References of satisfied customers
  • Years of professional moving experience
  • Fully insured and licensed.

We invite you to contact us for more tips on protecting your belongings during a long distance move in California. Our moving specialists are eager to help you safely move your belongings to your new home. We look forward to assisting you. For a Free Estimate please CLICK HERE.