Top 8 Useful Tips You Should Consider For This Year’s Spring Cleaning When Moving To San Diego

Having over ten years of experience helping people move in San Diego and keep their homes clutter free and neat, you could say we know a thing or two about decluttering. Therefore, if you want to declutter your home fast and simple, here are a few tips that can certainly help you with that.

Any items you have not used for more than one year, then it’s time to let them go

A lot of us have things we rarely or never use, so how about you consider giving them away? The best way to gauge which items you should keep and which you should give away, separate them by items you’ve never used in the past year and items that you did use during this time. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to accept the stuff you don’t need anymore.

Go at it one room at a time, so that the progress keeps your motivation high

Begin spring cleaning by taking one room at a time. As you go, you should reward yourself in order stay motivated. As for the rewards, they can be a nap, a massage or anything else you may like.

Turn on the music, get some snacks and call your family and friends over to help you

We all love parties, so how about you turn your spring cleaning chore into an event? You can invite friends and family and turn it into a unique and fun get-together. Don’t forget to provide food and some great music as well, so people don’t get bored. When the time comes, though, be sure to return the favor!

Sort everything and even get a filing cabinet if you need one!

A paperless future is not too far away, but like most people, you may have a lot of notes, paperwork and bills stacking up around the house. In this case, it’s best that you designate a special place for them, so as to not move them from pile to pile without being sure where they should go or what you want to do with them.

Plan your spring cleaning time appropriately

One of the best tips you should keep in mind is that planning your spring cleaning early is vital. That’s because most people will postpone it until the very last day of spring when it’s already too late to consider it. So begin by planning to spend a few hours each morning or evening to declutter your home. However, make sure to stretch this routine over a few weeks.

Listen to your favorite tunes while going through your items to make spring cleaning a bit more fun

Growing up in the eighties, I have a lot of memories of cleaning the house while listening to my favorite bands. It’s an excellent idea to consider playing some of these tunes. By doing so, you’ll manage to turn a boring task into a fun time.

Create piles for trash, donating and recycling

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Did you know that by using sorting piles it’s going to be a lot easier to decide what you should throw away, donate, recycle or keep? In fact, this is an excellent way to declutter your home without getting rid of things that you may need. Just be sure that by the time you finish sorting/cleaning, there are no more piles to worry about. If you plan to move soon, a place like San Diego is a great place to live. In fact, we wrote an article on the top 66 reasons to move to San Diego, check it out.

Donate the items you no longer need to one or more charities of your choice

Knowing that you can help others is a great feeling, so we highly recommended that you select one or more charities of choice to donate the stuff you no longer need. Keeping this in mind while decluttering your home is going to make it much easier to say goodbye to items. Just remember that each charity has guidelines in place that you need to follow to donate, so follow them accordingly.

By considering these simple and very useful tips, you can quickly change the way you look at spring cleaning and also help put a smile on the face of others in the process. Here at Route 66 Moving we have a FREE furniture hauling service to help you, please contact us by clicking right here to call us for more information.