Every year, in December, the Epilepsy Foundation in San Diego County holds their annual Gingerbread City in Light fundraiser. Part competition, part holiday gala this much-anticipated event helps to raise money for research and to spread awareness of Epilepsy. The annual event involves food, champagne and wines, holiday music and several auctions to help raise money. The biggest and most unique part of this exciting event is the annual gingerbread sculpture competition.

These exciting gingerbread sculptures are created by the San Diego area’s best bakers and artists. The elaborate sculptures feature a wide range of designs, including lighthouses and forest homes straight out of a fantasy book. This year, the elaborate, edible structures were transported by San Diego movers Route 66 who were happy to provide help with moving labor. The moving company is proud to be a part of this exciting event through its moving labor services. They were able to transport these elaborate and delicate structures from the artists homes to the Fairmont Del Mar where the gala was held without any of the gingerbread sculptures becoming damaged.

The gingerbread sculptures, besides being unique and beautiful required a great deal of care to transport properly with highly attentive moving labor. The smoothness of the transport and the ease and professionalism that it was handled with speaks to the skill and professionalism of San Diego movers Route 66. They were able to properly pack and transport each of the gingerbread sculptures without a single one becoming damaged. Because of these expert movers, all the beautiful gingerbread sculptures at the Gingerbread City in LIGHT and the holiday gala was a success.

We have been their moving company of choice every year since 2010. It takes us three days to move all the gingerbread artwork because of the care and delicate handling required. This year we choose to move them absolutely free of charge, over a $3000 saving. We are a proud supporter of the arts in San Diego California and raising awareness for those suffering from Epilepsy.

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