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Our Moving and Storage Services in San Francisco Bay Area

CURRENT RATE IS $85 per vault (5x7x8 ft)

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San Francisco Bay Area Storage

To keep up with the fast pace and rapid changes of the urban life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Route 66 Moving and Storage continuously adapts its services to accommodate our clients' challenging requests.

We know that our customers face a number of internal and external circumstances that demand an effective solution, that's why we have created specific services to address those challenges.

One of our star services is called “storage in transit” (SIT) which offers a convenient answer for those customers experiencing a delay in between pickup and delivery of their goods.   

During the SIT process, our staff will carefully pack your items – in one of our moving crates located in our storage places in San Francisco. Inside of these storage units, your belongings will be secured and separated from other shipments.

We make sure that all of your household items are inventoried and ready for delivery whenever you need them.

Our company also offers a convenient solution for affordable, short and long term warehousing needs. Whether you require a few days or several months of storage, our facilities provide the highest standards to satisfy both residential and commercial customers.

We pride ourselves on having an affordable storage service that complies with strict corporate guidelines, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for storage rental in the San Francisco  Bay Area. We stand behind our work and we guarantee only the best services at the best prices.

what our customers say

Marie S.

Marie S.


Fast, friendly, and all of my belongings arrived in one piece. Moving sucks but Route 66 moving made it so much less painful. I will definitely use again and recommend to friends.

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 Rehan M.

Rehan M.


I can readily say these guys greatly exceeded my expectations. Talk about doing literally everything right. 1) Price- Not the bare bones cheapest quote. But VERY reasonable. In the end, it was definitely cheaper than the low ballers because Route 66 didn't nickel and dime us with crazy surcharges (we added items, a 2nd pickup and a scooter). Everything was very fair 2) Courteousness - Everyone was great to work with, super helpful and very ready to take any direction . Not much else to say on this - but I've heard horror stories from others. As customers, and talking with other companies giving me quotes, we initially thought we would need to on guard to watch out for upcharges...there was none of that and they were really cool about everything 3) Timeliness - all within the specified windows, and great communication. 4) Service - all 4 of the movers I worked were terrific and thoughtful about how they moved things and took great care at every step of the way to prevent damage and treated our stuff with respect(they also provided wrap, blankets and boxes). 5) Speed. We were given a 6 day window. But they delivered overnight (from LA to SF) All in all- can't recommend them enough. Will be making sure anyone I know looking for moving services hears about them...because I'm too good a friend to let them end up with any of those other shady outfits running around town. In the end, the only heads up I can provide is that they want to be paid upon delivery in all cash/money order/cashiers check. No personal checks and cc's are 5% processing fee. All reasonable and easy to avoid with some foresight. Big thanks to the Route 66 moving team

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San Francisco Bay Area

  • Phone: (415) 915-5533
  • Address: 801 Avenue H, San Francisco, CA 94130
  • Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Sat-Sun 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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  • With years of experience performing moves in San Francisco, our team of locals considers you more than just a customer – we’re neighbors! Our friendly staff is here to make sure your San Francisco moving project goes smoothly, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all during your move.

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