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yelp-stars – George A.
My husband and I used Rt 66 Moving and Storage for our move from San Francisco to San Diego. We also needed to store our belongings for a few months while we found a place to stay in San Diego. Before choosing Rt 66, we shopped around and this company was the only one that worked to save us money rather than nickel and diming us before we even signed a contract. We felt comfortable because we were quoted a not to exceed price, which was very very reasonable for what we needed to do. AND, we could no be happier with the service!

yelp-stars – Marshall I.
The service from Mike and team is simply extraordinary. We had to move from San Diego to Bay Area and it could have not been a smoother experience. Thanks alot Mike and team, I truely appreciately your service!

yelp-stars – Sonya R.
I used Route 66 Moving for my recent move from LA to SF and Nick and his team were amazing to work with. I reached out to Nick a few days before my move with a rough inventory listing of the items I would have for the move. I hadn’t fully finished packing yet (c’mon, let’s be honest here.. how many of us really finish packing hours much less days before the movers arrive??) so I wasn’t able to gather a final count of boxes but Nick was extremely accommodating and provided me with a quote and reassured me that the price wouldn’t change if I ended up having a few more boxes than anticipated. Most other moving companies I spoke with wanted to charge me at least $300-$1000 more than what Route 66 offered and were not nearly as accommodating with our unfinalized inventory listing. I highly recommend Route 66 if you want the peace of mind knowing your move will go smoothly with undamaged furniture and no hassle of hidden fees.

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Convenient Storage Services Near You

Convenient Storage Services Near You

For many of our customers who are going through a lengthy moving process, it’s important to find storage in or near San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego at some point during the move. While most of our customers don’t think of us as a storage company right away, we’re one of the top storage and moving company options around with storage services that are on par with teams that focus on being a storage company exclusively. Our conveniently located facilities for storage in and near San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego allow us to provide affordable, secure storage-in-transit (SIT) services that complement traditional moves. Storage-in-transit is particularly useful for our customers who may be planning a move, but the place of destination is not yet ready to accept the items being moved. For example, if your last day at an apartment or office is already approaching but your new home or office won’t be ready for a longer period of time, our storage-in-transit services are the perfect solution to still allow you to have us pick up and store your items, and deliver them at a later date rather than right away. This convenient solution allows you to move whenever the dates may be, so you have maximum flexibility even when start and end dates may not be so flexible.

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Since we needed storage facilities to provide storage-in-transit services to our customers as a comprehensive storage and moving company, we’re also in a great position to provide cheap storage rental services in general that you’d expect from any other storage company. If you’re looking for cheap storage rental options, you’ll find our affordable rates will likely fit your needs and budget perfectly. Whether you need just a few days of storage or several months of storage, our affordable moving and storage rates are affordable for both short-term and long-term storage needs. Since our customer base includes both residential and commercial customers, you can be sure our facilities are secured to the highest standards that satisfy corporate guidelines. Give us a call today or send us an email and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate for your specific storage needs. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you need when it comes to moving and storage, our friendly team of expert moving and storage specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and describe the options in fuller detail – don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll get you the help you need to achieve your goals. Our storage services are also available in many locations, whether you’re looking for Los Angeles storage services or storage in another region, simply let us know your move details and that you need storage and we’ll determine the location and facility to use, such as our high-quality Los Angeles storage facilities.

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