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Welcome to 33 Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Your Home or Office in California.

If you are on this page then you have a question or a few about moving, relocation process. Either you are planning to hire movers for the first time in your life or just need more information to hire better movers then this page is for you. Here at Route 66 Moving we want to be helpful for all people in need of moving services no matter if you go with our company or choose to do moving by yourself.

Yes, it is. Route 66 is a fully insured moving company and licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission. Our PUC license number is T-190460. You can use this number to verify our insurance and license at:

We have been in moving business since 2006 working as sub-haulers for one of the largest at that time moving companies in California. Route 66 was formed as a completely separate entity in 2008.

Yes, Route 66 Moving And Storage is BBB accredited business. Our main office is in San Diego; please, check our San Diego BBB profile. We are A+ BBB rated movers for years.

Yes. We work 7 days a week: both office staff and moving crews.

Route 66 has locations throughout California.

Our offices in San Francisco service the greater Bay Area including Marin County, San Francisco, the Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay. We provide moving services anywhere between Santa Rosa, San Jose and Livermore, Brentwood, and Fairfield.

We do also do local moves in Sacramento.

If you need to move from any other locations in Northern California not mentioned above to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, or Southern California, please, call us!

Our offices in San Diego and Los Angeles service the entire metropolitan area between La Jolla, San Bernardino County and Santa Barbara.

At Route 66 Moving, we love nothing more than driving around California. To us, it’s like going on an enjoyable San Francisco to Los Angeles road trip when we perform our moves.

We are a full service moving company and one of the most reputable home moving companies around. We’re not only a local home moving service – we can do any size of move either locally or across the state of California. Your large home, small apartment, artist or work studio, home office, retail storefront, storage unit, commercial or medical office – we have extensive experience with all types of moves. No job is too big or too small and if you’re looking for business movers, we’re also highly experienced business movers. Many folks don’t realize we’re also a business moving company, but we’re very happy to help with corporate moves of all sizes.

Full packing of your home is available on request.

We may do unpacking of your stuff as well.

We have moved numerous apartments and houses in Atherton, Los Gatos, Beverly Hills, La Jolla, Del Mar, San Francisco and other places in California. People trust us to do packing for them, do a relocation process, deliver and unpack the stuff.

In addition, if you’re simply searching for a cheap truck hire San Francisco residents and companies trust, we’re known for our affordable rates. Are you also Marin movers? Yes, as well-established movers in Marin County, we’ve become one of the leading moving companies Marin County residents and offices trust. In relation to San Francisco, we’re known as one of the best movers SF to Marin customers are happy to recommend. Most of our customers in the area tell us that we’re one of the most reliable, knowledgeable moving companies Marin County has ever seen, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and see how superior our service truly is!

Local move is any move with the distance between pick-up and delivery addresses less than 100 miles.

We frequently move clients out of and into some of the largest apartment and commercial buildings in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Many buildings already have our certificate on file. We can provide a COI within 48 hours at no cost to the customer. Please let us know about your building’s insurance requirements ASAP!

Route 66 applies hourly rate for local moves with no hidden charges. Please note that for local moves we usually charge ‘double-drive’ time as per CPUC regulations. In some cases we may apply a fuel fee or travel fee separate from an hourly rate if the total driving distance to get at your place more than 50 miles and/or if we need to drive more than 50 miles from your current location. Because of different social economic factors throughout California our hourly rates vary in different areas. So, please, contact our local offices to find out about our current rates and specials.

Per the California Public Utilities Commission guidelines, all time spent on the road between pick-up at your current location and drop-off at your destination is measured as double time to account for the return trip. This means that 30 minutes spent on the road between the two locations would count as an hour. Double-drive time is charged if the distance between the location in the range between 5 and 100 miles.

Any move with more than 100-mile drive between an origin place and destination is considered as a ‘long-distance’ move. Here at Route 66 we provide flat rates for such moves in most cases. We might add additional quote for labor (loading, packing, and unloading) if it is hard to get a clear idea of how much time loading and unloading may take. For instance, you are not sure if you need full packing or not; where we would park our truck: in a loading dock or 200 ft away from your building. We will provide the Not To Exceed price though. Ask for it!

This is your possible maximum price for the move considering that there are no changes to the ordered service. For example, if you request a quote to move 20 boxes and 5 pieces of furniture from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and you are given $1650 quote but on the day of the move you have 60 boxes the price may be adjusted accordingly to cover extra costs for labor to move those extra items. Please try to be as accurate as possible with providing your inventory list.

An inventory list is the list of your items you want to be moved. Such items include pretty much everything you are planning to take with you: rugs, boxes, pictures, mirrors, furniture and so on. Please be very specific providing your inventory list via email or online quote form if you want to get an accurate estimate as possible.

A binding estimate is a contract that specifies, in advance, the precise cost of the move based on the services requested or deemed necessary at the time of the estimate. If additional services are requested or required at either origin or destination, the total cost may change.

A non-binding estimate charges you according to the actual working time and the costs of the services that are performed.

Yes, Route 66 does. Usually on-site estimates are needed if 1) there is a chance that more than one truck will be needed to do the move; 2) you need packing service for a large apartment or house. Please contact our local offices and provide basic information such as your inventory list, moving distance; let Route 66 know if you need packing service or not. Then we will be able to determine if you need on-site estimate or not. You may request an in-person estimate regardless our conclusion.

If you are planning to move on Friday or weekend, please, try to contact us as early as possible to set up your move. As a rule 2 or 3 weeks in advance will work for any type of move. Please note that the end of each move is very busy time for each relocation company. So you may want to contact us to get a quote 2 or 3 week prior to your move if it falls even on Monday or Tuesday of the last week of a month.

Route 66’s one of specialties is last minute or emergency moves. We may assist with small and bog moves at a last minute request. We may but there is no guarantee if you need the same day moving service on Saturday. Please contact us now if you read this answer.

Please call us immediately! The more advance notice you give us about your date change the more likely we are to be able to provide you with the new date you want.

Route 66’s moving trucks are equipped with supplies needed to do any type of household or office moves.

For most of our moves we use 24ft and 26ft box trucks. However, in San Francisco Bay Area because of a lot of narrow and hilly street we use 16ft, 18ft, and 20ft moving trucks.

We do move reasonably heavy household and office items such as pianos, for instance. We do not move machinery, equipment. We may be able to recommend you another company to help with your industrial or one-piece move in case if we are not able to do it.

Any flammable materials including gasoline in motorcycles, scooters, or lawn movers, and any poisons or compressed gasses, machinery and industrial equipment heavier than 300 pounds. We do not move firearms unless they are safely places in a lock box or safe.

Simple answer is yes – we do piano moves in San Diego, LA and the Bay Area. However, we provide quotes for each piano moves individually because of many factors involved in estimating a piano move: the number of flights of stairs, the weight of a piano, moving distance etc. If for some reason we will not be able to do your piano move we will try our best to recommend other specialists.

Every mover is required to prepare a bill of lading for every shipment transported. The bill of lading is the receipt for your goods and the contract with your mover for their transportation. The driver who loads your shipment will give you a copy of the bill of lading.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the information on the bill of lading before you sign it. The bill of lading identifies the mover and specifies when the transportation is to be performed. It also specifies the terms and conditions for payment of the total charges and the maximum amount required to be paid at the time of delivery if you are moving under a non-binding estimate. Information regarding the valuation of your shipment and the amount the mover will be liable for in the event of loss or damage is also shown.

All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent loss or damage. It is recommended that you pack all items and leave the drawers empty.

Waterbeds need to be drained completely. Fiber-filled waterbeds need to be professionally vacuum-drained in advance of your move date.

We will move your plants but we will not assume any responsibility for damaging them. It is just a common sense that moving a plant or ceramic pot in a truck carries a lot of risk of damaging such items. Nevertheless we will be very careful while moving such items.

Items of extraordinary value such as jewelry, money, antiques and stamp collections can be included in your shipment. However, it is strongly recommended that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you or make other arrangements for their transport.

Appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators must be disconnected, and the washer must have a stabilizer installed. Route 66 will not assume any responsibility for damaging connectors or any water damage if you insist that our employees would disconnect or connect your appliances. As a rule there is nothing difficult involved in connecting and disconnecting a washer or dryer, but connectors may be ripped off which may result in water damage. Each time you connect any appliances to a new water supply system you are recommended to hire a licensed plumber; otherwise, keep your eye on the appliances for a few days after connecting in a new home. Leaks may start later. Save time and money by hiring a plumber rather than assuming risks of water damage!

Route 66 uses moving blankets of high quality as well as shrink-wrap (plastic stretch film) to protect furniture and other items. Normally we cover a piece of furniture with a moving blanket or a few if needed and then use shrink-wrap and tape to make sure that the piece will be protected through the whole relocation process.

Yes, but how much protection you have and its cost to you depend upon the valuation coverage you selected.

‘Basic Insurance’ is a California PUC’s requirement. This option provides only minimal protection and is not sufficient coverage for almost all shipments. It will pay you $.60 per pound per article if lost or damaged. That means a piece of furniture weighing 400 lbs would receive a settlement of $240.00. You will be asked to initial the bill of lading if you select this coverage.

You may obtain a full value insurance (this has to be done at least 72 hours prior to a moving date) through our business partners at

Make sure your home is ready for a moving crew. Move anything off the porch and walkways that may obstruct movement of your goods out of the home. Take doors of the hinges if you know certain items will not fit through. Remove all small throw rugs from traffic areas that could cause crew members to trip or slip.

Having some cold water on hand for the crew, especially on a hot summer day, would be very appreciated.

If you do packing by yourself make sure that all items, of course not including furniture, is boxed up, and no loose items or clothing are located on a couch, chairs, bed and so on. Otherwise, we will need to ask you where you would like those items to be placed – that is extra time = extra money.

We will park our truck at the closest safest space possible. In order for us to do the move faster thus to save money for you, please, take care of finding and reserving the closest parking spot to your main door possible.

If you live in an apartment building you may want to ask your property management in advance about move-in and move-out procedures including a parking space or loading dock reservation. They may also require you to provide them COI (certificate of insurance) – just let us know and we will do this for you.

If you live in a busy street here in San Diego or anywhere and there is no parking space (in most cases we will need 30-50ft parking space to fit our truck) provided by a property management then you will to contact municipal authorities to obtain a parking permit. Usually they require five business days in order to process an application. Route 66 does not apply for parking permits on behalf of our clients because 1) a fee is not refundable and clients’ moving plans may change; 2) they ask about some details we may not know as we do not reside in that are (usually building addresses where we would need to park our truck.)

If customers are unable to provide a safe reserved parking spot for our crew then we will park the truck on a safest spot possible. That may in violation of some traffic rules though. In the case

when customers are unable to provide a parking space and Route 66 get a parking ticket the cost of the ticket will be added to the total cost of the move. Please plan your move in advance and let us know if you have any questions.

We do haul only household and office goods: furniture, used boxes, mattresses, appliances etc.

The price will depend on what exactly you need to get rid of and the distance between your place and a dump service. Please visit the Hauling page.

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