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Packing and Unpacking the Right Way

When it comes to making the move, many of our customers realize they simply don’t have the time or desire to handle all of the moving and packing and unpacking themselves. Our packing and unpacking services are the perfect solution, taking the burden off of your shoulders and freeing your time up so you can focus on other important aspects of your move or life in general. If you prefer to do the packing yourself, we can help supply you with the packing and unpacking materials and tools you’ll need for moving and packing, but we strongly recommend considering our team of professionals as the best option to handle your packing and unpacking. In addition, if you want to personally handle packing and unpacking of specific items, but have our team handle other items, you can request specific items for our team to help pack and unpack. Some customers prefer this method if they have items that close supervision can help provide peace of mind for. To help make things even easier for customers like you, we try to keep our packing and unpacking rates as affordable as possible, making it well worth the cost for most of our clients. Among all the packing and moving companies in California, Route 66 is simply the best!

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Packing and Unpacking for Your Destination

After your belongings have arrived at your destination, you can either opt to unpack the items yourself or have our professional team handle the unpacking for you, saving a lot of time and energy. Many of our customers prefer professional unpacking services, especially those moving into a large home or office. Many customers even come to us for help with services as specific as shipping SF to LA routes and transport from San Francisco to Los Angeles and beyond. Our team can place every item in its correct room, as per your specific instructions, and will position your furniture exactly where you want it. We can also unpack and haul away any boxes that you designate, and remove any used materials you no longer want. If you prefer to do the unpacking yourself, you don’t need to worry – we’ll still make it easier for you by placing every box and piece of furniture in its correct destination room. The option of doing it yourself allows you to handle the process on your own timeline, but will take much longer than professional unpacking services would, and of course require much more effort on your part. Other packing and moving companies can not offer the same level of professionalism and expertise that Route 66 has consistently offered to all of our clients since the company's inception. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more or if you want a free quote – our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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