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Free furniture hauling

Furniture Hauling Services

With our fast and friendly service, affordable rates and dependable work ethic, we’re one of the best cheap local movers around when it comes to hauling furniture services in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Our hauling services in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego can help you get rid of all kinds of furniture. Most of us don’t think about it on a daily basis, but our homes and offices often have possibly literally tons of unwanted stuff that simply takes up space and becomes a burden. Having this junk hauled away for you can truly feel like taking a great weight off of your shoulders, freeing up space and reducing the load if you’re going through a move. If you’re interested in our hauling services, we’re one of the best cheap local moving companies for the job. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate at our affordable rates.

Moving company hauling

Hauling Made Easy

In addition to our already cheap moving services, we even have a free service that other cheap moving companies may not! If the ‘junk’ furniture you are planning to get rid of is in good shape and may become someone’s ‘treasure’ we will pick it up for free with our services for hauling furniture. If this is the case our hauling furniture for free service should be your first choice when looking for help with moving furniture out of the way. Maybe you are planning to do remodeling in your house and want to replace all furniture in San Francisco or any other California city, or maybe you are downsizing in office space and do not need a few desks, chairs or white boards – email us pictures for evaluations. If Route 66 is able to sell those furniture pieces we will not charge for hauling  or moving furniture for sales purposes. You donate, we pick up, and sell during the process of moving furniture, thus covering our costs as a smart furniture movers company. In case if you need to get rid of any stuff which is in bad shape or considered as pure trash then we will charge for removing your junk based on a few factors: how much stuff you have; the distance between your home and a dumpster. If hauling furniture in San Francisco or beyond is part of your move, let us know in advance; we will plan a whole relocation process accordingly  as a professional furniture movers company.

Free Furniture Hauling*

• sofas;
• chairs;
• benches;
• tables;
• night stands;
• beds;
• TV stands;
• chests of draws;
• dressers;
• desks;
• credenzas;
• file cabinets;
• wardrobes;
• trunks;
• white boards.

*must be in good or in excellent condition to be qualified for a free pickup
**generally not for free

Furniture Hauling**

• previous list (items in bad condition);
• armoires;
• TVs;
• appliances;
• mattresses and box springs;
• china cabinets;
• other furniture not mentioned either in this or previous list;
• boxes and trash bags packed with household goods which has become junk (glass ware, plates, books, magazines, firewood etc.)

The list of items we do not haul:

• construction debris (concrete, bricks, etc.);
• pianos;
• paint and any other flammable stuff;
• heavy equipment or machinery;
• in-built furniture if they require demolition.

If you have not found your junk or someone’s potential treasure in any of the lists, please, contact us to schedule hauling service and to see if your furniture qualifies for a free pickup.

Remember, we’re not only focused on SF furniture but can accept furniture from all kinds of cities in addition to the SF furniture brought to us. We can’t quite help you move free, but it’s truly a great service that’s about as close to being able to move free as you can get!