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Moving company out of state

Route 66 Moving and Storage has what it takes to steer any moving service just about anywhere in the country. We will drive across our wide nation to deliver your valuable items no matter how far it is.

Since we started operations in 2008, our personalized customer service has set us apart from the rest of the companies within the moving industry. We listen carefully to our customers in order to identify their needs, so we can provide the right assistance according to their specific situation. That's why high-quality and personalized service has been the hallmark of our company.

Whether your moving needs are large or small, we will customize your interstate relocation to meet your exact requirements!

We also take pride in delivering the most accurate moving estimates in the industry in addition to  affordable prices, because we’ve been able to achieve efficient economies of scale.

After years of experience in the business and with the use of technology, we perfectly know how to  plan the best routes, how to accommodate the schedules, and how to create the ideal strategy to get your out of state moving done, on time and on a budget.

All of our highly-trained out of state movers understand and observe the highway regulations as well as the responsibilities of moving from California. We offer our secure and well-maintained fleet of vehicles to deliver high-quality out of state relocations, ensuring a safe and prompt delivery of your belongings.

No matter how many state lines we have to cross, we are an unstoppable moving force and there's nothing we can't do to serve our most valuable asset: our customers!

what our customers say

 Nick R.

Nick R.


Just had a great experience with Jeff, Jimmy and D'Andre moving our life and furniture (some of which was fragile) all the way from SF to Marin. They did it in pouring rain and were all awesome. Thank you!!

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Danny S.

Danny S.


Moving is stressful! Especially when your new home is quite ready and it's Father's Day. Well as my Father's Day present my better half hired Route 66 Moving Company. She found them on Yelp and I read the reviews. I saw reviews mention Randy, Tyrece and Sergi and how great they are. Well they were the team that showed up at my home. Let me tell you work hard is an understatement. It was 98 degrees in Murrieta for the pack in. These three were the utmost professionals, took care of our stuff, and were off and running and worked their asses off. I was stressed we have so much "stuff" that it all wouldn't fit on the truck. They are the masters at packing everything right and protecting our "stuff". They even got my oversized massage chair down the stairs and out the door without a scratch. Once we arrived at the new house they unpacked as quickly as they packed. We had to put everything into the garage because all of our flooring is not in yet. They expertly packed it in and made it fit leaving us access to everything. Tyrece even showed me a loose part on my dresser where the foot screws in sink could fix it. Great team!! Great moving company!!! Thank you guys!!!

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 Pai D.

Pai D.


We booked Route 66 Moving and Storage company for our move from Los Angeles to Oakland. They called me in advance and showed up in time. Sergio, Valerii and Max took good care, used plenty of packing materials for everything (even provided wardrobes for my miscellaneous stuff free of charge). They ware really nice and polite to me. So, I'm pretty happy with my experience with the company. The rate for the move was reasonable. I would recommend this company to anyone.

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